Wednesday, November 21, 2007

45 Down, 60 to Go

I have finally hit the 45 mark. Wow. Does it feel great!

Last night was uneventful. We exchanged cards and I gave DH a gift card to get new sneakers (he has to buy a new pair once every 4 months or so). I was given a lovely bracelet (that I picked out, bought, and wrapped myself two months ago). All in all, a rather quiet evening.

We will be having a pleasant holiday it looks like. I believe that I will just relax and enjoy this one. I know one thing for sure - I can't wait to sleep in a little tomorrow! I'm tired. Then it is off to MIL's for a brief visit and then off to DG's for a longer one. Dinner is at 4 p.m. so I am not eating until then so that I can indulge a little. Kidding. This meal will really test my resolve and my will power :) I hope to have a little TINY bit of everything that I want. We'll see if I can stay true in the face of great temptation.

Mr. HKG was very friendly again last night at karate. Dino was better behaved, and Mr. HKG had to point it out. I was happy. And, I got to ogle him a little. All innocent, I can assure you :) Tonight is karate again, and then the dojo closes until the 26th. Phooey. No Mr. HKG for 4 days? Whom will I drool over?

Friday my office is closed and DH is going to work. I will not be shopping this Black Friday (thank goodness). I will instead be clearing out the living room and getting the Christmas decorations up and ready. Dino and I want to also put up the tree. I was hoping for a real one this year, but we decided that the artificial that we have will save us some money since we have to save for our trip to Disney in March. Wish me luck! Dino hasn't been very helpful lately as he is currently obsessed with a Spiderman video game. Sigh.

I will not be posting again during the holiday. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and can spend it with the people you love!

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