Friday, November 9, 2007

Patterns for Scarves and Unravelling Things

This year, I have decided to knit scarves for my team at work. I had them choose the yarn, and now I have 20 skeins and have to knit furiously to get them done in time for Christmas. But, that is ok. I chose bulky yarn to make it go quicker :)

I spent some time this morning looking at scarf patterns for inspiration. I really just want to use simple stitches (like moss or seed) and don't really need a pattern. I did print a couple of free ones out from my favorite free pattern site Knitting Pattern Central and will begin shortly.

I loved one I found called the Binary Scarf (all 1's and 0's - as in Binary Language) and will put that on the shelf for myself one of these days.

As a strong believer in UFO's (Unfinished Objects) I have to get my shrug done before I will start another project for myself. I have just 1/3 left of the pattern and then blocking.

By the way, let me just say up front that blocking is not my favorite activity. Being poor right now, I cannot afford the blocking pads that are available, and being unable to construct my own, I have avoided this particular process like one would avoid a trip to the proctologist. However, I have found that blocking is a necessary evil in the life of a knitter. I hope to have the shrug blocked so I can wear it for Thanksgiving. Here's to the dreamer in me! Buy that chick another beer!

I found a few scarves I had made when I first started to knit. Wow. Are they train wrecks! Tension and gauge be damned! I remember being proud of them when I did them, but now I am ashamed. So, I will be salvaging the yarn and unravelling them to attempt to put the fiber to better use. I also found a really, really cute hat I had made for my son that was WAY too big then, but will fit nicely this year. I can't wait to get a picture of it to post up.

Speaking of unravelling, my marriage is at the moment. My spouse (whom I will refer to as DH) has been in a depression for years and refuses to acknowledge it or get help. Therapy this week resulted in further denial and assignment of blame to moi, which has been his M.O. since we got married. Seeing the pattern over the years; there is usually a fight, then denial, then assignment of blame to yours truely, then it gets swept under the rug. I would be nutty with frustration and anger in the past and just let it go in hopes that SOMETHING would sink in. Not anymore, though. I have come to understand that some things just can't be swept under the rug - or will go away on their own. I have also concluded that by getting nutty (or psychotic, if you believe DH) is of no use and is a valuable waste of energy that would be better spent knitting. So I am not letting it get to me now. Whatever happens, happens. I just hope that if it comes to divorce, the yarn stash is not considered communal property....

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