Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yarns to Die For

I found the coolest - softest - and most affordable fancy yarn at Joann's last week. It is a blend of acrylic, wool, and nylon called Angel Hair by Sensations (Joann's store yarn). It is INCREDIBLY soft and feels like angora. Honestly.

I bought many skeins since it was on sale - my yarn stash was getting a little low - and decided to knit scarves for my teammates at work. They picked thier colors and I cast on. Shouldn't take too long, either. Size 13 needles, bulky yarn. Cool!

I am half way through one scarf and I am seriously thinking about keeping it all for me. Either that, or I have to go further in debt and buy tons more of this stuff. Really. It's. That. Soft.

Ok, I am just about over the sister-being-PG thing. I dropped 2 more pounds this week and I am starting to feel really good about myself. I am planning on knitting a really cool top for this summer - cool cotton yarn and one that shows off my arms since I never have before. That should motivate me to keep up the exercise.

My Dear Son Dino got sick at school yesterday. I picked him up at 1:10 and by 1:30 he was bouncing around the house like nothing happened. He ate TONS of food (after I made sure he wouldn't be sick again) and was a general PITA for the rest of the night. I really think that he just had a little post nasal drip that caused him to gag a little. He is going back to school today for sure.

Well, off I go to fondle the yarn some more. Later Chicks! Knit on!

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