Thursday, December 6, 2007

Getting Stuff Done

I have 1 more scarf done. And I am well into the next one. It is going faster since I chose larger needles and a simple non-rolling pattern. I can see the light!

DH was shopping on Tuesday with his mom and they went to the big toy store that shall remain nameless. I gave him my order, and lo and behold! The nieces and nephews are done. Whew! I also ran out while Dino was in karate the other night and made the big purchase for DH - a new 4GB Nano iPod. I had to pick something simple, but I also wanted something that would work with the music library I already have established on my PC. This way, we can sync both iPods (mine and his) to the same info and I won't have to load all those CDs again. Thank goodness. 'Sides, I like the iPods. Now we have to get some miscellaneous stuff, like for teachers and some close friends. I vow to be done by next week. Oh yes I will!

Had another parent/teacher conference yesterday. Did not go as well as I had hoped. Dino Boy is having more and more difficulty controlling his impulsivity and is really distracting the other students. Our appointment with the neurologist isn't until January 8th (or 9th, I have to look it up) so I am struggling with this. Dino's teacher is trying, and she is keeping me posted. Problem is, more and more we are seeing issues with Dino that may not have been as noticeable as before. Like his constant need for affirmation and attention. I always knew it was there, but now the teacher is seeing it. I found out yesterday that he "had to be put out of music class". The music teacher was trying to get the class prepared for their Christmas pageant coming up and Dino was not able to control his "outbursts" (this simply means that he was talking and could not stop). So, the music teacher had him sit in the hall. On the floor. By himself. For the rest of class. Happy I am NOT. I said that I didn't agree with this. The teacher agreed and said that she will work with the music teacher to have Dino brought to the office or back to the classroom if/when it happens again. Sitting on the floor playing on his own serves no purpose. And, I feel that the exclusion technique is working against his self-esteem issues, making it worse. I said as much to the teacher. Each time he is excluded, despite the fact that he cannot control his impulsiveness, he gets a negative view of himself and it causes him to act out more. Duh, people! Get a clue!

I mentioned that I was going to be calling the school district to see about getting him an IEP. The teacher was thrilled by this. She became very excited and told me that she would be happy to help make some phone calls. She indicated that the process involved her getting to meet with the Child Advocacy Team(I may have that group name incorrect, but I am not sure) and develop a plan with them for her to execute in the classroom and elsewhere. She volunteered to make some phone calls herself to do whatever we could to get this done quickly. My only reservation was that the school district would give me a hard time, but she said that last year she had a child that had similar issues and within 2 months that child had an appointment for the IEP. Let's hope that is how it goes this time, but I doubt it. I am calling today to find out what steps I need to take and what needs to happen. I have to do something to get Dino to be successful. Right now, he is keeping up academically, but it may be because he was already ahead of the group. The preschool he was in for the last two years had them working on kindergarten skills way early and this is helping keep Dino on par with the class. Of course, Dino is a lot like me, where he learns something and is quickly bored by it so he doesn't want to have to review it over and over and over again. "Been there, done that" seems to be his M.O.

Ok, enough of that. Knitting to do and I have to look up the phone number for the school district. Then off to work!

Knit on, Chicks!

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Domestic Goddess said...

When you request an eval for IEP purposes (you can and should request they do a FULL eval, including psych/IQ testing!) they HAVE TO by law do it in under 60 days. If they don't, you can take 'em to court. Let me know how it goes and if you need any info, okay?
I think this will help Dino in the long run. He is a sweet, smart, neat kid. Excluding him for his behavior? that's PUNISHMENT for his disability! We had an issue with it this year with Bug Boy's music teacher. Now he hates music and is petrified of her. And he LOVES MUSIC. Sad.