Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scarves are done!

Whoo-hoo!!!! I finished all the team's scarves and just in time. I will be wrapping them tomorrow since our "Winterfest" celebration is on Friday.

Now I just need to block 3 of them. Should be fun. I will do that tonight and hope to have them ready to go. They should dry quickly. If not, they got unblocked scarves! LOL

DH did reschedule the counseling appt that he cancelled. Still, he is so non-committed to the process that I am still disheartened. More and more I am thinking that it would just be easier and more sane to end this before it gets uglier. I was holding on to that glimmer of hope that we had a connection, but each time he reverts back to this nasty mode. I know what has to be done. It is just taking me time to get used to the idea so that I can take the steps. Dino will have his whole world turned upside down. That alone is giving me pause. Not that it is stopping me. We are much happier when it is just us. On nights when DH is not home, we have a great night. When he is home, DH is critical and moody. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, huh? I think the path is pretty clear on this one.

Ok, enough of that. The last of my ordered Christmas gifts arrived yesterday. More wrapping, but I am nearly there! Knit on!

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