Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am cranky today. The sinus infection is still hanging around - I feel about 83.7% better than I had been, but still not completely over it. I will be calling the doc again on Monday to see if I can get some other meds that will kick this bug into deep space.

DH has been acting OVERLY nice the past two days. I am not blind, or stupid, but he seems to think that I have forgotten all about his crappy behavior for the past several months. I have not. He never apologizes, and never even acknowledges that he was a pr1ck. I can't talk to him in front of Dino, so I am left feeling frustrated and annoyed. Therefore, I am cranky. I want to tell him to shut up most of the time because he rambles on about stuff that I couldn't care less about. That also makes me cranky. He is overly concerned with what other people have, will have, or want to have. I am the polar opposite. I don't give a crap if Mr. and Mrs. Jones down the street have a new Escalade in their drive with the new chrome rims. I don't watch the neighbors pull in and out of their driveway to be sure they don't hit our grass (yes, you read that right). I also don't pay any attention to who makes what salary, where people work, what people wear, or what they drive. It is just not of interest to me. So it really irks me to no end that DH is so consumed by it. Obviously can't see the plank in his own eye these days. I think that is why I am thinking more and more of moving out instead of having him move out. I would rather live in an apartment happy than in a palace miserable.

Also, I think I am PMS'ing. Ya'll ladies know how that can be! Every little thing annoys and disgusts me. I think I need a nap.

Oh, and I have started on my first pair of socks! Down the unbeaten path I go....

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