Wednesday, January 2, 2008

They Say You Want A Resolution

Ok, bad pun. I am in hysterics though, having properly doped up on sinus meds to fight the Wicked Infection of '07. Almost everything is funny to me right now. Including DH calling me to tell me he doesn't feel well. Oh my, poor dear (sarcasm heavy, folks). For the past 4 days straight, I have barely moved from the couch since it would have entailed me lifting my head higher than a 45 degree angle, which results in excruciating pain. I still had to take care of Dino and I managed to cook dinner two nights in a row. Do I get sympathy? Pity? Compassion? Ummm, no. Not even a sidewards glance as DH stomped around the house, cursing under his breath. Most of the time, DH was hiding in that dark cave I call HIS bedroom. I did not matter, and my illness did not matter. Oh well, no matter! HA!

In my feverish state (at work and still feeling like I belong in the bottom of a cess pool) I came up with three very important resolutions for the new year....

GeekChick's Resolutions for 2008

1. Slim and tone. Having been low carb for awhile now, I have the hang of it, I just need to get back to being faithful and getting in my workouts. Once the fever passes that is....

2. Resolve marital difficulty. One way or the other. I said in November that I would give it 6 months from the time DH started therapy. I don't know if I can hold to that. DH is wavering on the therapy thing. I set a new deadline for the end of February. That is all my sanity will stand.

3. Give up fantasy man. Yes, it is true. Time to put my crush on Mr. HKG away and realize that a) he's too young for me anyway, b) not too good to be having dreams of hot monkey sex with another man while you are married, and c) he's too young for me. It was good while it lasted, but a Chick has to grow up sooner or later. I just have to convince my sub-conscious which has been betraying me lately with dreams of hot monkey sex dressed in a karate Gi. Oh my.

Knit on Chicks!

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Domestic Goddess said...

Dude. The other night I noticed you look WAY good! I cannot believe how much you've lost!