Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wicked Sinus Infection of '07, 1; Me, zip

So my ears are STILL clogged, my face is swollen and red, my eyes glazed over, and my throat is on fire. The Wicked Sinus Infection of '07 has lingered to make the first few days of the new year a living hell for me. Interestingly enough, I found that I can still manage to get through a day when my head feels like someone snuck 20lbs worth of rock between my ears as I slept. I can even make dinner, clean up, play with Dino, watch HOURS of Avatar DVDs, and give Dino a bath with my ears popping and my head throbbing. It's amazing, really. I had asked DH to make dinner for Dino last night while I rested, and after his 15 minutes of hemming, hawing, complaining and moaning, I freaked and just did it myself. Typical. If I can't count on him to "help" when I am sick, or pitch in when I am not, what is left? Hypothetical question - what is this man good for anyway?

Also, I found that I simply cannot put off the inevitable - I MUST buy that glider-thingy for my exercise. I received a little bonus at work for my efforts last quarter, and it is enough to purchase said glider-thingy. I need something that is easy on my joints. Although I have dropped 45 pounds and I am slimmer than I have been in years, my joints are also (gasp!) older than I care to admit. So the glider-thingy would really help me in my quest for Resolution #1.

My increased focus on getting myself to a happy place has highlighed one important detail - I need to branch out in my knitting into something a little more advanced than scarves, wraps, ponchos and the occasional hat or sweater. My biggest thing is that I am impatient. I don't like the fact that it takes weeks (for me, I am not the fastest knitter) to complete a larger project like a sweater or vest. And, I mentioned before that blocking is not my favorite thing in the world (ranks right up there with scrubbing the toilet or cleaning up puke). I wanted to get into fulling/felting, but that became more time consuming as well - not to mention the fact that I dislike the smell of wet wool to an unreasonable degree. So, I have come upon a crossroads - the path to the left is the same old stuff I know and feel comfortable with. The path to the right has new and exciting projects filled with intarsia, turned heels, and double pointed needles that will challenge me to reach new heights of fiber artistry.

Interestingly enough, that could be a similie for my life. Staying on the same path leads to more of the same - even if it is painful, dull or frustrating, it is familiar and provides a sense of security. Veering off the path leads to enlightenment and growth even if there is pain or frustration at first.

Have to get back to work now. More feverish ramblings later!

(P.S. Another steamy dream last night with Mr. HKG. Sigh. How does one control one's subconscious?)


Domestic Goddess said...

Get thee to a doctory, STAT! You need an antibiotic or something. If it is still this painful and this awful, you may have a worse infection than you thought.

annie said...

I agree!! Go to the doc and get some good drugs. Then glide your way to your next goal.

And p.s. Thank GOD for the ability to veer off the path. Messy but life changing.