Thursday, January 3, 2008

WSI of '07,1; Me,2

Update on the Wicked Sinus Infection of '07 that continues to taunt me with snotty goodness - I have been on antibiotics since Monday(sorry if I didn't mention that earlier) and taking a host of sinus clearing meds. Finally, this afternoon, my nasal passages started to clear, the fog started lifting from my brain, and my eyes became deglazed (is that a word?). My ears are still clogged, but slowly there is progress. Hopefully I can get a really good night's sleep tonight and feel even better in the morning. Feeling sick sucks. Feeling better - priceless!

Oh, and here is the glider-thingy I mentioned before:
Must Have Glider-thingy. And, it is at the right price! ON SALE. Can't beat that. Will order tomorrow.

Leaner thighs, here I come!

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