Thursday, February 14, 2008


That is how much it is going to cost to repair the severed brake line, coolant line, and corroded heat sheild which did the severing. Add $60 for the two days of rental car. (Which I found out I didn't have to rent after I did it- Tony offered one of his vehicles, but I was already committed. Still, it was strangely nice of him to offer.)

$707 is all it takes to repair my darling 8 year old Xterra and bring it back from the grave.

Just $707 is all. Problem is, it will seriously eat into the money I was putting away. Sigh. Is there a Bundy cloud following me around?


On a different note, after my 4 hour ordeal of breaking down, waiting for a tow, waiting for the dealer to get me a rental, etc. I was surprised that Tony had dinner waiting for me when I got in and was willing to let me go to karate (which I did even if Dino did not). I went and our instructor last night is a former Navy Captain who is 63 but is in incredible shape. He is a good teacher, if a bit rough for my taste. I got knocked down a couple of times too, and that was funny. Need to learn how to fall I think! Learned a couple of new moves and I was pretty sore on the way out. Captain stopped me and told me that I did "excellent" in the class and that he didn't want to feed my ego, but I was nearly perfect in my execution of moves. Wow. That was good to hear, especially since I felt pretty banged up. On the way out, I jokingly said "Owwww..." as I walked by Mr. HKG and Mr. CKG. They laughed but said that it does get easier. I asked if Captain was the toughest instructor, but HKG said that he thought Sensei was. Since I only had her for the warm up, I wouldn't know, I reminded him. Ah, he says, that's right. CKG then stated that Captain tends to teach things to lower belts that they may not be ready for. HKG laughs and says, Nah, she's an expert. I smiled and said good night and left. Didn't realize it until I got in the car that HKG was again flirting casually with me. Gosh I am really dense, aren't I? I can't keep missing these opportunities!


Dino was off today from school and I was supposed to be working from home. Problem is, I had issues connecting to my work network. When I finally got connected, Dino laid his head on my shoulder and it was then that I realized he is running a fever! Oh no! No Valentine's Day party for him tonight. Sigh again.


Off I go. Hoping Tony brings the papers home tonight so that I have them for my meeting with the lawyer tomorrow. I don't want to have to cancel this one!

Later gators!

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