Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gone Forever

52 pounds. Yes, you read that right. 52 pounds are really gone forever. I am losing more each week and finally broke the plateau and feeling really good. I have many self doubts these days, so this is a very welcome accomplishment. I had been doing Tae-Bo and decided to take Mr. Owner up on the free month of karate. I had my first class last night. I was excited and it turned out to be a great workout.

100 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 50 sit ups later and I was huffing and puffing, but it felt good. There were two other white belts in with me, and it was fun because it was the mom and daughter from Saturday. They are sooooo nice. We started with the advanced belts and then broke off to our own private class with another instructor. At first it looked like Mr. HKG was going to be our instructor. The woman teaching the class is called Sensei because she holds many belts. She is older, but darn if she isn't in perfect shape! I am impressed by her. She asked Mr. HKG to take us out of the class after warm ups, but he switched with Mr. CKG (cute, but not as hot as Mr. HKG). That was fine, because I would have been totally distracted :) Especially after Mr. HKG approached me before class and flirted with me a little. That was super cool, to be honest. He was all smiles and I just wanted to melt. Why do hot guys make me feel like a total idiot? I didn't feel like I was at my best in a karate gi, but he seemed to like it. Sure, it was only a small exchange, but it is a start! I am not going to hide my attraction now.

I was self conscious doing the situps, especially because I could only do 12 of the first set of 25. I did 20 the next time around, but it was hard. I need to really tone up my abs!

Anyway, it was a great workout. Dino was excellent waiting for me, and I felt really good and strong. I espeically liked the fact that Mr. CKG said my punches were "excellent". Tee hee. I will definitely be joining up once all the settlement is worked out.

Speaking of settlement, I should have the papers today or tomorrow. I even emailed a lawyer that only deals in family law and he responded that we can meet on Friday at 3 p.m. to discuss (Hey, MJ, can you take Dino?). His consult fee is $150, too, so that is cheaper than the other lady. I am actually excited about it! Finally, some movement forward.

Better get to work now. Cheerio!

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Domestic Goddess said...

Yes, I can take Dino. Both boys are off on Friday, so he could either sleep over on Thurs or Fri, if you want. Just let me know!