Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Of The Same

Status Quo around here. Still being verbally abused by T and still trying to keep out of his way so it isn't so often. He slept all day yesterday and then as soon as he got up he started in on how I was a "ho" and "Looking to suck d*ck" and "f--ing my boyrfriend" yada yada. I finally cracked last night and told him that his abuse was being noted and unless he wanted me to hire a family lawyer to restrict his access to Dino, it had better stop. He seemed surprised by that. Really, he is the dumbest man on earth. Like I wasn't going to put up with it forever, dude. I can certainly understand the pain he must be feeling and I totally feel for him in his anger. But enough is enough. He said "Don't worry - you're getting a nice Valentine's Day gift from me." No doubt he is referring to the divorce papers. Good. My dear friend JL and I agreed that I would put on an Academy Award performance when I get served the papers - "Wow! This is wonderful! Just what I always wanted! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

At 1 a.m. Dino threw up in bed. Don't know why or what caused it. Just spontaneous puking. All over my new comforter, sheets, and Dino's pillow. Sigh. T was asleep on the couch and except for an offer to take Dino to his bed, did nothing to help or even sympathize. I can't wait to see Dino go to his dad's for the weekend and throw up all over him! That would really be something to see.

Anyway, Dino and I are camped out on the couch. I barely slept due to having one ear tuned to Dino for any noise that would indicate that he was puking again. I finally fell asleep around 2 a.m. or something. I am tired, but on my third cup of coffee so that is helping a great deal.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I went to the karate studio for a self-defense lesson yesterday. I wanted to get out of the house and do something for me. I had left Dino at home with his dad who stayed in bed all day. When I arrived, there was a woman and her daughter standing at the desk talking to the owner. Here, she was Mr. HKG's neighbor and was invited to the studio for the lesson. I thought there would be more people there, but it was just her, the daughter and me. Mr. HKG was all smiles for her, but barely acknowledged my prescence. Someone told me that this meant that the really does like me but is playing coy. Well, two can play at that game, buddy! LOL. Thank goodness he wasn't teaching the lesson or I would have been totally distracted. Mr. Owner did. And, it was a great workout! I was sad when the 45 minutes was up. It was fun and the other woman and her daughter were funny and really open and social. It was a good time largely due to her and her humor. She asked me to join with her for Saturday classes, but I said I couldn't due to my pending divorce, I just couldn't spend the money. She was totally sympathetic. Mr. Owner followed me out as I was leaving and stated that he gave parents of students a free month and free uniform if I was interested. I went with my gut. I totally wanted to do it. Not because of Mr. HKG, or anyone else. I wanted to do it for me. It was a free month! A month to get going again on my toning, get in a good cardio workout and build confidence and strength. I am losing more weight than ever due to being more stressed and not able to really eat much (I am now 8 pounds from my first goal! Whoohoo!). I just need to get toned up. So, now I will be doing the adult white belt class on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Yay me. And, I will learn to kick and punch someone's lights out. Any guesses who I will be thinking of as I front kick the target?

I know. Not nice. But still funny.

Ta-ta for now!

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