Friday, February 22, 2008

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Dino is almost over the Flu. I say "almost" because he now has a cough that sounds nasty. I have him on Mucinex for Children and that is really helping it to break up.

Due to the weather this morning, most of my team did not get into work. I was going to take a sick day as I am now suffering from illness. I am 100% sure it is a sinus infection due to the pressure, the sore throat from the post nasal drip and the fever. I am self medicating at this time. I took Mucinex D myself, and used a product called SinuCleanse. I will not go into detail on the SinuCleanse stuff as it is pretty disgusting to describe, but it really, really works on breaking up the crap in the nasal passage and helps to get it out. Look it up for a full description on how it works.

So, now that we are BOTH sick, Dino and I are just kicking at home while I try to work a little since most of the team is out of the office and can't work remotely. Tony went to work, and thank goodness. I really am having a hard time being in the same house as him. I knew it was going to be tough, but I didn't think it would be as bad as it is. After meeting with the lawyer yesterday, and talking about stuff, there are a few changes we can make to the agreement. I had to retain him to the tune of $2,000 - my entire savings at this point. He said that the 2K was for 10 hours worth of work and that he would return any unused portion to me. He said that he doubted it would take 10 hours to settle this out. I hope not. I would like to get some money back.

Speaking of money, I am waiting for the call on my truck today. I did get a call back from the Regional Administrator for Nissan's Consumer Relations. What a total waste of time. They are not paying for the rental and that if I wanted to, I can take it up with the owner of the dealership. Happy I was not. I even asked what was the point of them existing if they were not going to hold the dealers accountable for f-ing up and causing grief to their customers. All they do is lodge the complaint. That is IT. I am not going to encourage anyone to buy a Nissan from Concordville Nissan. They really don't care about their customers. I am going to send a letter to the owner, but I doubt I will get any satisfaction.

So, in saying that, the RA did state that the part did arrive yesterday and I should have my precious Xterra back today. I really can't wait. Although the loaner car is nice, I miss my truck. I will never take it to this dealership again, to be sure.

One last interesting thing: I called Dino's school yesterday to call in his absentee. Mr. HKG's mom picked up the line and was talking to someone else. I tried to say hello, but she didn't hear me. In fact, she was saying; "...he broke up with her. My older son broke up with his girlfriend 2 weeks before Valentine's day. We call him "The Ditcher" . CLICK. Wait, what?

I called back, but this time did get the automated line. After leaving my message I realized what she was saying. Mr. HKG is single. Problem is, I didn't know he had a brother, so I have no idea if Mr. HKG is the older one they call "The Ditcher" or the younger one that just broke up. I find it ironic and funny that I would just HAPPEN to hear this. I am a firm believer in signs that are given to us. I just don't know if this is a sign of something positive happening in my life or not. Since I have noticed an increase in attention from HKG lately, and we know that I am way interested in him, it could be a sign of good things to come once we have the divorce all worked out. Just to be safe, I am keeping my options open :)

***Update: Just spoke to Tony and he was annoyed that I had not 'discussed changes to the agreement' with him rather than have my lawyer write a response. I reminded him that he was the one that left it on the table without a word and that HE did not discuss anything with me so this is how I thought he wanted to handle it. How was I supposed to know? We went over the points that I had issue with and found out some sticking points were not what I thought they were. Then, I lost my mind and starting asking him about his family and why they didn't call me and try to talk me out of this - he stated that they did and he told them not to call as "she has her mind made up". Wow. They totally let him control their actions! That is really amazing. I felt better about that, realizing that they did not just turn on the hate the way that he did. I was disappointed that they didn't call just because he said not to. I even allowed the weakness to over come me and said that I still cared for him but wanted him to take accountability for himself. I wouldn't have taken this route if I thought that the quality of our relationship would improve and I wouldn't be miserable all the time. All it took was for him to grow up and stop waiting for everyone to take care of him. Once in a while he had to take care of someone else. He rushed off the phone at that point. He didn't want to hear it. I am sad again. Not so much for us, or even for me, but for him. He is just plain clueless. No wonder he is so controlling. They all LET him be controlling. I do not. I know that I am doing the right thing for me. It may not be a bed of roses but at least it won't be a pile of sh-ia-t either.

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