Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

So I have gotten over the initial shock of my settlement paperwork. I have a meeting with the lawyer tomorrow and hope to have some other things straightened out. I am totally sure I no longer have anyone visiting my dismal blog anyway, but I won't go into details and bore you with them. I just want to be sure I protect Dino and myself as much as I can. I won't walk away from this rich, and that was never my intention. I just want what is equitable so that I can start a new life with Dino and not have him suffer because his dad is being unrealistic.

Having said that, I have not put as much thought and energy into what happens when the agreement is signed and I have only 60 days to "vacate the premisis". Without the settlement money, I will not be able to pay for the downpayment on a home, which was my intention. Without enough child support, I will not be able to afford a home or to keep Dino in his activities. I worry about things that I probably shouldn't even think about right now. Like, how do I get Dino to school? Will I have enough time to spend with him on a daily basis? Will I have enough patience to be a single parent?

I have a plan. Really. I just know that I don't always think of everything. That is why I run things by other people. Like my friend Sharon who reminded me to make sure I have provisions in the settlement for Dino's care on his dad's weekends if his dad gets sick or can't watch him. Or my friend Rudina who said that I had to be sure that Dino's accounts were accessible and not hidden. And my darling sister MJ who is allowing her husband to help me work out a budget that I can live on and still afford to pay mortgage. Yes, I have a plan. Settle, buy a house, start new life. Sounds easy huh?

I gave up on the sock, folks. I dropped several stitches turning the heel. It was WAY too time consuming to rip back and I realized that I had lost the pattern to begin with, so that complicated things as well. So, I ripped it all out. I am now looking for "short" sock patterns for the spring and then I will try again.

Oh, and finally, the car. My poor car. The part is shipping from California by freight truck. Not overnight, but driving little by little across the states. The truck is not due to arrive until Friday. Which means my dear Xterra is captive until then. I called Nissan today to complain on how badly this was handled. I opened a complaint against the service department at the dealership. The part not arriving is not their problem, but their lack of concern and lack of communication is. They are rude and demeaning to women as well. However, when I finally got ahold of the service manager, I was given a loaner to replace my rental Ford Escape (which I asked Nissan to pay for since they fouled this up so much). This time I am driving a Suburu Outback. It is pretty cool. When I first got in and started to drive it was in "sport" mode which is a strange version of manual transmission. There is just no clutch pedal. It can be automatic or manual. How strange and really, really cool. I didn't realize how much I missed driving a stick shift. However, I think I will leave it in automatic for the rest of the time I have the car. Mostly. What is cool is being able to test drive these cars. The Escape was pretty cool. I liked it alot, actually. The Outback is cool for the pseudo-manual transmission. However, I miss my Xterra. I can't wait until it is back home.

Later gators!

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Rachel said...

For the record, I'm still reading every time you post. I have no experience with what you're going through, but know I am thinking of you and am so proud that you are standing up for yourself and moving forward.