Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeah, Right Buddy

Hellish weekend - Dino was sick, I got sick, and Tony served me with papers this morning. The chicken-shit left it on the table for me after I went to bed. Nice.

Of most interest to me is the part of the settlement that says he is only going to pay $300 a month in child support. Right. Like that is going to happen. Not only did the papers undervalue our home and the house in PA, stipulate that I have to pay back the fence - to Tony for him to put in Dino's savings, but the child support states that he is paying $300 a month and 1/2 the tuition for school and aftercare. Who does he think he is kidding? Not only is $300 a month impossible for me to support Dino off of (it won't even cover his insurance, his food and lodging, and any activities that WE enroll him in), but the papers state that we have JOINT custody. This is not so. We agreed before to my having primary custody. He is only putting that in there to avoid paying child support. What a fucking weasel! So much for his not using Dino as a pawn, huh?

Nice dream world you live in my friend. Prepare to be rudely awakened.

Called home from work at 10 am to ask if Tony had taken Dino's temp and given him some meds. No on all counts. Tony was sleeping and Dino was watching TV. I basically reminded him that he is supposed to be taking care of Dino and not sleeping. He needed to check Dino's temp and give him medicine. I was quite peeved and let him know about it. I also reamed him for the pathetic settlement agreement. It then occurred to me that it really wasn't all that unfair. Yes, $300 is low for a monthly payment, but he did agree to pay 1/2 tuition, 1/2 of the after care expenses, and 1/2 of the summer camp. That alone equals out to be about another $400 per month over the year. Still, there is no way I can support Dino on such a small amount. I will counter with another amount and see what happens. In any case, when I arrived home, I found that Dino had hardly eaten anything all day, that Tony didn't push the fluids, and that he says Dino didn't want anything. Then, as soon as I took Dino's temp (100.1 thankyouverymuch), Tony disappears into the bedroom again. I could just scream.

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