Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are You Being Served?

Besides being a great British program, this is the question I was asked last night. At 8 p.m. the door bell rang and Tony answered the door. It was a Court Clerk delivering serving my divorce papers to me. I received them in great humor, and promptly read them. Nothing new here. Standard divorce stuff.

Still, it scared me a bit, and gave me a jolt of energy too. I was happy to see things are FINALLY moving along. The fear is of the unknown - but what else is new?

I was a bit miffed that Dino was present for this, but he didn't know what was happening since he was in a different room and I disappeared immediately after getting said papers. Hopefully he doesn't realize what it was all about.

I am anticipating my settlement paperwork today for Tony and his lawyer to review. I need to stay on top of this lawyer, as he doesn't seem to communicate very much. I also have a meeting with the mortgage consultant to review the estimated settlement sheet she sent me. Lastly, I am going to dinner with my dear friend Fr. J tonight so that will be a nice visit.

Sadly, I found that another dear friend is also going through a divorce. I need to call her. She is special to me, and we have a long history together. I consider her my "cultured" friend, since she had introduced me to many different things I would not have found on my own. Like Shakespeare, the Blues, and vintage clothes. Artsy is another term I have used, but she is not stuffy or anything :) Divorce is not fun or easy, but one an see the light through the tunnel if one looks in the right direction. Forward on to the breach, dear fellows!

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