Monday, March 3, 2008

Destination: Home

Finally checking in again. By "tomorrow", I of course meant whenever I could get around to it. I had a good weekend for the most part. The house I looked at on Friday is a condo, and with the association fee, adds up to a pretty penny. Thanks to Uncle Bug, I was able to determine what I could spend and still be able to eat and have some fun with Dino. Now I am on the hunt for another property that I can own and still be in a good enough area to not affect the resale value. The condo I looked at was pretty on the inside, but the surrounding area is not so nice. Lots of trashy looking townhomes and even if the property was clean, many were in disrepair. Not where I want to raise my son. Oh well! Now we know why it was so cheap!

Saturday spent the day at DG's while Tony and Dino went to the sister's house for a birthday dinner. It was the first event I was not invited to, and it felt weird, to be honest. I called Dino to say goodnight and ended up with voice mail on Tony's phone. 30 minutes later, Tony calls back and hands the phone to Dino. I was surprised to hear him crying for me. He kept saying he missed me and wanted to come home. I assured him that he was going to be fine and that he was having a good time with his dad. I reminded him that he would see me in less than 24 hours and that he should enojy his time with his dad and Mom-Mom. I didn't completely convince him and he kept crying. Finally, after 20 minutes, I got him to hand the phone over to his dad. I told Tony to play up the fun they were having and to distract Dino from the separation anxiety. I then went to bed myself.

Glorious 12 hours of sleep! Yes, you read that right. I went to bed at 9 p.m. and woke up at 9 a.m. Uninterrupted, no nightmares, no snoring, kicking, being punched in the face sleep. It was heaven! I roused myself to go food shopping ($75 - whoo-hoo! Staying on budget!) and then did some cleaning, laundry, and puttering around all by my lil lonesome. I did whatever, whenever I wanted. Did you hear that? It was amazing having that time on my own. I thought I would be sad and lonely. How silly of me! I wanted more.

At noon, Tony called and asked if he could drop Dino off early. I was shocked. He wanted to take his mom to some open houses so could he drop him off at 1 p.m.? I of course said yes, but inside my head little alarms went off. Is this how his every-other weekend was going to go? I had to make sure I was unavailable if that is the case. Dino needs his time with his dad as much as he needs me. Why can't Tony see that? And, guess who was stuck doing all of Dino's homework with him (that he needed to get caught up on since his illness)? Yup, me. But that's ok. I worked out an amazing deal - one page of homework and he earned a level on the Wii game he loves. It went great and there were no tears or fighting and all the homework got done before dinner. I was actually quite proud of him. He also finished his "Star of the Week" project - where he had to make a poster board of himself to show to the class with his likes and family or whatever he wanted. We put on a bunch of pictures and Star Wars stickers. It was cute by the time we were done.

Slept well last night again. Thanks be to the little pill! I am not a huge advocate of drugs, but this time, I have to admit it is better than lying in the dark and staring at the ceiling.

On the knitting front, I have not tried the socks again yet. I am now working on a felted purse for DG and I have to make a vest for myself. I also have to crochet an afghan for a friend who just bought a house. I will be busy and hopefully will not look on those dreaded socks for a little while :)

That's about it for now. Waiting to hear back from the lawyer on Tony's response to the paperwork. I know he is going to counter again, so I am prepared. I have determined that I cannot accept less than $500 per month in child support. Otherwise, I will not be able to keep Dino in private school or keep him in karate. More important to me is having a nice place for Dino to live, ya know?

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