Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enough Already - Updated

I want my divorce done already. (All paperwork is in. Judge just needs to sign and issue a decree.)

I want the agreement actually agreed upon. (Done! Agreement reached today. Papers to be signed next week and issued. Huzzah!)

I want my house. (I can put an offer in next week on the darling house. I also have another that I liked alot and it is closer to where we are now - by about 4 minutes. First house owners keep calling my realtor to find out when I can make an offer. Will have pay off check in hand in 2 weeks. Huzzah again!)

I want my sanity back. (Like I ever had it? Who am I kidding?)

I want peace and quiet. (Can anyone say "Yeah, right lady."?)

I want politicians to fall off the face of the earth. (Debates make me crazy and I feel like none of them are worth a damn. Wonder why people don't vote? Two words - lying snakes.)

I want Dino to stop obsessing over this. (Partly my fault for enjoying the game as much as Dino, but my world does not revolve around getting all the power bricks.)

I want my mom to actually offer me advice and support and not more grief and sob stories. (Another, Yeah right.)

I want my hips to slim down with the rest of me. I look like a freakin' pear. (Work out? Like when?)

I want my boss to stop dumping on me during the last two weeks of his tenure here. (Job security? Better be a really big raise!)

I want to stop turning on the radio and hearing crappy songs about people in love. (Stopped listening to the radio. Current iPod song list has tunes like "Don't Care Anymore" by Phil Collins, "You Learn" by Alannis Morrisette, and "Strong Enough" by Cher.)

I want Mr. HKG to make up his freakin' mind - flirt or don't flirt, dude! (I'll still flirt, though.)

I want to stop waking up three times a night wondering what the heck I'm gonna do. (Back on the anxiety medication.)

I want a vacation. (Nope, not happening. But I will take time off when we move.)

I want most of the stuff I see in the Ikea catalog. (When I hit the lottery.)

I want to knit for long periods of time and not five minutes every 5th day. (Setting goal to take time to knit daily. I NEED it to live. Srsly.)

Some list, huh?

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