Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Saw three homes this weekend. The first I saw on Saturday is in the right neighborhood but it is a bit pricey and it is trashed by the current tenants. The structure of the house is good, but the place is a real mess. There are renters in the home now, and it shows that some renters don't care a whit about a place when they don't own it. With a really good cleaning and fresh paint it is salvagable, but I wouldn't have the time for that. Not to mention that the price is high for the amount of work that needs to be done. The full bath in the basement is a nice feature, but it needs new everything - I won't go into details on how skanky it looked. It's a shame the house is such a mess, to be honest, because it is in a great area.

The second house I saw on Sunday I fell instantly in love with. The neighborhood is established and has low turnover. The house is teeny-tiny but the layout is so good that it doesn't feel that small. It is on a flat lot, with not too much land, so not much to mow. I call it the "Darling House" because it is really darling inside. The house needs absolutely nothing and is ready for move in - well, except for the hideous bright green paint in the one bedroom. There is no basement, but the attic is floored and roomy enough for storage. The dining area and living room are open and there is a pass-through window to the kitchen. The kitchen is eat in, with servicable appliances, (and just big enough for me) with a back door leading to a small deck that is fairly new. The yard is not huge, but big enough. The bathroom is huge, and although it is the only one, it is perfect. New just about everything. And, inside it is a utility closet for the brand spanking new washer and dryer. The house has oil heat, but it is radiant floor heat - how cool is that? And it has central air. The space is awesome! I can't gush enough about it. As we were leaving, there was another couple coming to look. I sent vibes their way to deter them, but it didn't work. They went in anyway. Still, I am hoping they find the place too small for them since I really, really want this house.

The third house I looked at on my own since I wasn't sure I was going to the open house. It was a good thing I did. Another small house with just enough room for Dino and I. It has a really small kitchen - not eat in - but the price is really good for the area. This one also had a basement and a garage. Lots of storage space, but it needs some figuring. The one bedroom was actually off the kitchen and was previously used as a dining area. The current owners needed a third bedroom so they converted it to a toddler's room. The thing is, they didn't put doors in and they left the pantry closet as a pantry closet. Strange. Still, it wouldn't need much and the basement was nice and dry and clean. And there is also a 1/2 bath that is newer and clean. The yard is small, but it has a nice cement patio for entertaining. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that there are no sidewalks. Most of the older developments in DE don't have them, but some home owners have put them in. I would want to do that as well, and since it is a corner property, that would be big bucks for me. Still, it is a contender.

So, after looking at these homes, I am really anxious to get the settlement done so I have dates to plan on. At this point, I need to wait. That bugs me, 'cause I could lose the house I love. Add to that the fact that the mortgage consultant that I was working with has left her job for personal health issues, and I had to get pre-approved all over again with a different consultant. The rates went up slightly so that lowers my buying power. And, because of closing costs, I didn't realize that I had less to put down than I originally thought. The new mortgage consultant ran numbers for me and had me buy points to keep from paying PMI on a $230,000 house (not that I would pay that much, but still). It works out to be about $1,200 a month for a payment. That is do-able.

Especially since....


I found out yesterday from my manager, who is leaving, that he is bringing my salary up and giving me my yearly merit increase. I am probably getting about 8% raise, so that will really, really help me. I am excited about this. It may not seem like a lot to most, but our company routinely caps increases at 3% (which really sucks) so this is a good thing.

So things are looking up right now. The divorce has been filed and should process very shortly. The settlement is the only thing outstanding. I just want my names off of the properties so I can move forward. Finally.

Well, have to run. Knit on!

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

Congrats on the raise! How exciting.