Monday, March 31, 2008

Productive Weekend

It's amazing what a burst of energy will get 'cha.

On Saturday, Dino went to karate and then to friends' house for a play date. The brothers that he is friends with are too cute and their mom is sweet. She took Dino for me so I could run and do things I needed to do and I got 3 hours to myself. Whoo-hoo! I took the time to go to Goodwill to check out the tee shirts and ended up with several that I can use for spring. I also got to check out another house and stopped home to find that Tony had "gone to work". Not sure if that is really where he went, but it was fine. I picked Dino back up at 1 p.m. and stayed until 2:30 just talking to my friend and letting the boys play. It was really nice. Dino and I got home around 3 p.m. and I did all the laundry and started to clear out the dining room.

Sunday, Dino and I went to church then I took him home while I went food shopping. Tony was sick, so he stayed on the couch while I went out. It was a quick shopping excursion because I don't really need to buy much. I still need to use all the food in the chest freezer in the garage. By the time I got back from the store (around 1 p.m.) Dino was eating pizza and Tony was heading out to do yard work. I decided that I just had to do a spring cleaning of the bathroom upstairs, so I emptied it out and scrubbed it all down. Then I vacuumed. By then, my shoulder was really hurting, so I took the rest of the day to knit, do laundry, and cook dinner.

May not sound like much, but for me, that is a great deal of stuff done. The dining room was becoming the dumping ground, so it felt good to clear it out. Need Tony's help to get the leaf out and then I can put the table protectors on.

Hoping this week is not too stressful. I should hear from my lawyer today or tomorrow to sign the agreement and then it should be about a week to get the money so I can work on putting an offer in. I really need to start packing! Tons of stuff to go through. I also decided that this week since I am feeling better, I need to get back to working out every day. I will have to take it easy on the arms since my shoulder hurts, but I can work the lower body for sure. I think that will help with the stress.

I have a state mandated class to attend on Wednesday night for parents that are divorcing. It is supposed to be about how to help the child through the process. I asked Tony what they covered since he went last month for the all day course. His response, "I don't remember." Classic.

I am also almost done my sister's felted purse. I am putting some cool touches to it hoping that it looks hip and fun, just like her.

Well, off I go. I have a new person starting today and have to clear out the desk.


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