Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Terra Day

Ok, so today is Earth Day, right? What am I doing to help the earth today?

Well, let's see....

I've recycled a bunch of paper sitting on my desk.
I've turned off my heat, my computer and unplugged in general. (I'm at work now, so I have to be online here)
I've made the decision to Go Green at home - stop using so much water, start washing clothes in bigger loads to conserve as much as possible, turn off all lights when not in the room, use enviro-friendly cleaners and recycle what I can.

So, what are YOU doing?

By the way, I am not usually politically involved or have much to say when it comes to "mainstream issues". But this is something different. I believe that each of us needs to take personal responsibility for our little piece of the pie. That means I have to admit to wasting water in the past, or buying styrofoam plates. Also leads me to wonder - if styrofoam is so bad, why is it still produced?

As you can see, I am having a slightly ADD day. I will be ok. Just don't waste any more time making this world a better place to leave to the kids. Ciao!

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Domestic Goddess said...

let's see. We recycle everything. I use reusable cloth bags. We have more fuel efficient cars than in the past. We turn down our thermostats and add sweaters and blankets when it is cold. I reuse everything I can.

Dunno if it makes a difference but I also buy recycled when I can and try to buy things with less packaging.