Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hey y'all, I am buying a house! It is not where I thought or how I thought it would pan out, but it is the coolest. Here's the deal. My realtor sent me a listing that I was just going to see to have a "comparison" house. I thought it was a bit pricey for my range and I knew it was really just too cute, but I wanted to see it to get an idea of what I would be getting if I saw something that would only add about $70 a month to my mortgage payment.

Well, I fell in love instantly as soon as the door opened. Hard wood floors, pretty butter colored paint. Then I saw the kitchen. Ok, it needs some work, that is for sure, but not mega-thousands worth of work. Just a few touches. Eventually, I will need to replace the cabinets, but they are clean and functional for now. The fridge is older, but functional and CLEAN. In fact, the whole house was CLEAN. Even the family room that they used as a toy room. All of Dino's toys would definitely fit in there :)

It has a great deck, lovely yard, and backs to the county park. The bedrooms are a good size, new roof, new windows. What more could I ask?

Well, a garage! A laundry room, a powder room in the basement, and did I mention that the appliances are included? Washer, dryer, freezer, fridge, water treatment system, you name it. And there is a nice sized shed. Really, this was the house I think I was meant to have. Somewhere in the cosmos, Big Guy was watching and helped me to realize that this was worth every penny I was going to have to spend. Yes, the mortgage is highter than I wanted, but for the wonderful neighborhood, it is worth it. Every house is neat, has great curb appeal, and is in great repair. There is even a state cop that lives at the corner. There are kids that ride their bikes around the block, and NO ROAD NOISE!!!! After living on a main road for three years, it is totally a welcome change to have peace and quiet when you are standing on your front step....

Ok, enough. I have to eat dinner. Oh, had my lunch date and it was NOT cool. The geek talk didn't carry us over and it was obvious from the first that he was totally not into me. I got a free lunch, a salmon ceasar salad. Yum. It's ok. I am really going to take time to concentrate on me and then will give dating another short.

Off I go. Lots of paperwork and packing in my future :)


R said...

Congratulations on finding that perfect house! I'm so happy for you!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

we totally went and stalked it last night because we needed something to do. A nice family with kids Dino's age live right across the street. The neighborhood is quiet and well-kept. This is gonna be a good place to raise Dino!