Friday, April 25, 2008

What A Difference

Had a really bad parent/teacher conference on Wednesday. Turns out that Dino is reverting back to the behavior he had before starting the ADHD meds. We both agreed it was attention getting and his cry for help in how to deal with the tension and anxiety with the divorce and specifically how his dad has been acting. I put a call into the therapist immediately to get Dino an appointment and I am waiting for a return call.

In the meantime, I told Tony that he had to cool it with his snarky ways. He was genuinely concerned with Dino's issues, and has since stopped his full verbal assaults. Thanks be to Big Guy!

One of my dearest friends, JP has returned from the far reaches of the country. He is staying close, too, and I am hoping to catch up with him in person soon. It is nice to know he is nearby and that he cares about me :)

I applied for my mortgage and was instantly approved. How's that for credit ratings? LOL Just think, 10 years ago my credit was in the crapper and I was really struggling. Now I can get a mortgage on my own based on my excellent credit! Pardon me as I gloat a little. It's a victory hard won (just ask my college friends who threatened to turn me over to Oprah for a show on financially irresponsible people). Not only did I get a mortgage on my own, but I can also afford it! Whoo-hoo!

ADD has kicked in today, please pardon me.

I am getting a cell phone from work. Thank goodness! I know Tony will drop me off the plan ASAP, so I will keep a basic plan - the cheapest I can get. I also called the insurance agent for a quote on homeowners and car insurance on my own. Next I have to call for my FIOS fix to be ready at the new home.

Dudes, the move is only 5 weeks away. That's only 35 days! I have to pack! I have to get stuff cleaned out! I have to get back to my anti-anxiety meds! Ack!

And, I am so done with knitting right now. I have a new crochet project to start instead....a summer shrug. Pretty cool (pun intended). Check back for WIP pics.

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Mike Mahaffie said...

Please forgive me, but I have tagged you for one of those annoying blogging memes.