Friday, May 16, 2008

Out Of Office

I am taking the day off. Not to rest, relax, or put my feet up either. I had to get to the bank to deposit my check from Tony for my half of the stimulus pay out and his half of the field trip fee for the summer camp. It's right around the corner! I decided that I had to get more stuff done around here today because my weekend is booked. Tomorrow Dino has karate and two birthday parties. I have dinner with a friend tomorrow night. Sunday is church and then Dino and I are going to see Chronicles of Narnia. Can't wait! I have been counting the days down to Prince Caspian since I saw LW&W. In fact, Dino and I are going to watch it tonight to refresh ourselves in the fantasy.

I have TONS of packing done, but still more to do. Two weeks, everybody. It is hitting me hard right now. I came up with a few things that I MUST have as soon as I move in:
  • An over-the-range microwave

  • A flat-panel TV for my bedroom

  • A rug for the living room (the one at my current home is too big for the space, I think)

  • A lawn mower

  • A new mailbox

  • A small storage hutch for the bathroom

  • New paint for Dino's room and the kitchen

  • A new tea kettle

  • These are the things I will need to get at some point after I move:
  • A new fridge

  • A new range

  • New drapes for my bedroom and the living room

  • Landscaping in front of the house

  • I am excited about the move, but there are a few things still bothering me that I need to work out:
  • What do I do about getting Dino to school?

  • How will I get to work in time to be able to leave in time to get him from after care at a reasonable time?

  • Will I be able to manage this all on my own?

  • Just a few little things, really. It will all work out I am sure. Gotta run. Have to pack :)

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