Friday, June 6, 2008

The Duchess and The Princess

DG, as many of you know, is one extraordinary person. She is supportive, she is smart, she is sassy, and she is full of amazing energy. She also has an AMAZING gift for organization and structure.

Point in case - Friday night, I had about 70 boxes piled all over the house. Various boxes were not marked, and although my darling brother tried to put the boxes in the rooms where they belonged, stuff was everywhere. (How's that for a run on sentance! Ha!)

Not so by Sunday evening. DG and our dear older sis had completely arranged my house, helped me set up my kitchen and cleaned many things. Only 10 boxes remained. I did help, but I felt like my contribution was small compared to theirs. In any case, I would NEVER have been able to pull this off in such a short time had they not been here doing what they did. Thank you is just not enough in my mind. How do I show my gratitude? Thoughts are welcome.

I also thought I would expand on the selfish sister-in-law thing that DG so eloquently blogged about. So here goes...

Many years ago, in a kingdom not so far away, there lived a woman called the Duchess of Cornball. The Duchess was kind hearted, funny, and warm, but not at all confident that she would be loved and cherished by a prince. Lo, one day, whilst attending a party ball, she met what appeared to be a prince. The Duchess wanted so badly to have her fairy tale that she allowed herself to be sucked into the pseudo prince's life. A short courtship followed and the Duchess moved in with the Frog in Prince clothing. After a short time, the two planned a lavish wedding.

During this time, Princess SIL made herself very available to the Duchess for anything that she could desire. Shopping was her speciality, and her assistance in finding bargains and making plans was much appreciated by the Duchess. The Duchess wanted to feel closer to Princess SIL, so she asked her to be one of her handmaidens in the ceremony. Little did the Duchess know that Princess SIL had some other agenda than to assist her.

It became evident that Princess SIL was really just using the Duchess' wedding as a way of getting more attention for herself. She was not at all helpful to the Duchess during the ceremony or after at the reception. During the session for the portraits, the Princess desired all eyes to be on her and also picked a fight with the Duchess' new brother-in-law. She demanded that a photo be taken of her and Prince Brother alone since they were engaged and the next in line to be married. She was petulant when she didn't get attention, and was very vocal if someone called her on her attitude. In fact, she never even paid the Duchess for the dress that was ordered for her to wear. The Duchess was sad, but realized that some people just don't get it. Soon, Princess SIL faded away, citing that she didn't care for the Duchess' new husband as her reason.

A few years later, the Duchess found herself with child. (Ok, she desperately tried to become pregnant and it finally happend). The Duchess was ecstatic. She called all of her family to proclaim the good news. True to form, Princess SIL acted jealous and spiteful. She snarked about how she would never have kids because they were too much work. More likely, they would detract too much of the attention away from her, but I digress.... The baby shower thrown for the Duchess was the likes that the kindgom had never seen. And it was hot - as in stifiling hot. The Duchess had an earful from the Princess about that one!

The Princess kept in close contact with the Duchess, all the while making comments about how she would love to be a godparent. Of course, the Duchess' Frog Prince would not hear of it. Someone from his family had to be the godparent of his first child. This ticked the Princess off and she suddenly stopped calling.

Once Prince Dino was born (and truly, as the first born grandson of Italian immigrants, he IS a prince in the family) she suddenly reared her neatly coiffed head again. This time, she wanted to be "the favorite Aunt". This was almost too much for the Duchess to bear, so she banished the Princess from her presence by simply ignoring her. By the way, this is the magic spell that keeps the Princess at bay!

Flash foward to the present, and the Duchess found that her Frog Prince was not really a prince at all but just a Royal Pain in the A.... The Duchess found herself needing emotional support from her family. The Royal Family rallied around her. Even Princess SIL seemed to finally be selfless enough to reach out and offer a shoulder to cry on. However, not far below the surface brewed the alternative reason. Princess SIL was not an honest or open-hearted person and her antics were getting to Prince Brother. Princess SIL was trying to rally her own support to cover up her misdeeds. She wanted the Duchess to talk to Prince Brother and tell him how much help the Princess was being. The Duchess did not do this, but instead offered her own shoulder to the young Prince Brother.

Then came moving day. The Duchess had found a new castle (in a better neighborhood, I might add) and had enlisted the help of the Royal Family once again. Being the wonderful people they were, Prince Brother and Prince BIL arrived forthwith to assist. Princess SIL was unfortunately in tow. After putting on a show of organizing the boxes at the old dungeon for the moving truck wagon, the Princess promptly began answering her cell phone. She pouted about the heat. She insisted on going to the local deli inn to arrange for vitals. There was much eye-rolling and sarcasm. She never stopped making her opinion of the Frog known to anyone that would listen.

After arriving at the wonderful new castle in the Kingdom of Pennrock, Princess SIL took inventory of the Duchess' rooms. She offered her assistance in ideas for decorating and for painting. She gave her unsolicited opinion on how the fence should be mended or how the garage should be cleaned. The Duchess was biting her tongue to the point of bleeding, in honor of Prince Brother. It was almost too much for the Duchess. After unloading approximately 6 more boxes, the Princess suddenly became fatigued and needed a rest. The Duchess once again ignored her and simply carried on.

Princes Brother and BIL were so awesome they made the Duchess cry. The Princess, on the other hand, wanted to leave. Once the truck was returned, Prince Brother made a hasty departure with Princess SIL. I was grateful for his help, and wanted him to stay to enjoy a dinner of hoagies that Queen DG was bringing. However, he recognized that Princess SIL would only cause more trouble if they stayed. They rode off into the sunset with the Princess complaining loudly on her cell phone that she was a sweaty mess and that things would never have gotten done if she and Prince Brother had not been there. Her self-delusion complete, the Princess continues to live happily ever after in the Kingdom in her head.

The End.

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Domestic Goddess said...

Yup. Sounds fairly accurate.

As for how to show your gratitude: Cleaning my dishes and putting Bugaboo to bed last night HELPED ALOT.