Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From Here, There Is Purpose

I was reading this cool book that is full of inspirational quotes. It is really a journal, but there are quotes on each page. I dare not mark up the pages by writing in it! To those who have known me since birth, this is a big deal. I used to routinely go to this paper distributor up the road and buy reams of blank paper just to write on. Anyway, the quote that I am totally in love with this week is this:

Risk - More than others think is safe,
Care - More than others think is wise,
Dream - More than others think is practical,
Expect - More than others think is possible.
~Cadet Maxim

Not sure who this Cadet person is yet, but I loved this. It spoke to me. I am doing what I never thought possible. I am taking steps I would never have taken. And, I am totally loving the fact that I can do it. To celebrate this wondrous occasion in my life, I got this:

Of course, I did it 3 weeks ago, but the scabbing and swelling has just gone down enough to take a cool shot of it. Yes, it hurt. But not that much. No, I didn't take it lightly and I totally get that it will be there FOREVER. This is the Good Luck Dragon of Chinese mythology. It serves as a reminder of two things: 1.) Dino is my little dragon, 2.) Taking this first bold step into my brave new world entails a little luck - and courage.

I had the courage to be me, and to stand up for what I believe in. Looking back on my journey since January (which Margie, my anonymous poster reminded me to do) I find that the whole process was like getting a tattoo. You think long and hard on what exactly you want, you decide, you bite the bullet and just do it, it is a little painful and scary during, but in the end, it is something that you will have with you forever. Hey, how's that for deep thought? LOL

Also, I am finally going to get back to knitting! Whoo-hoo! This weekend, the Ex is taking Dino from Thursday to Sunday. Plenty-o-time to mow my own grass (yes, I am actually not asking DG's Darling to do it!) and sit on my swing in my yard and create again. Oh, what a feeling that will be.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Margie

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Very cool. I'd say give me a call if you get bored, but I am off to DC this weekend.

Enjoy the liberation!!!