Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun For All

Dino's cousin Bug Boy is spending the weekend. My sister DG and I refer to them as "the twins" because they are SO much alike and they have practically grown up together. Well, the twins have been pretty busy. Last night was Wii games, playing Pokemon and reading bed time stories. They didn't sleep right away but eventually fell asleep. I spoke to my new guy friend on the phone until the wee hours. Really, he is a neat guy. Anyway, the twins eventually had to separate to fall asleep, so that's what they did. I think Dino fell asleep around 10 or so, Bug Boy around 10:30. And, I put them to bed at 8:30! Oh my...
They awoke bright and early. Like 6:30 a.m. y'all. After a leisurely breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (Bug Boy's personal fav), I mowed the lawn, then we made our way to the pool. We left the pool and went to Toys R Us. The twins had a great time picking out Pokemon cards and some things to play with. We got a real deal Bingo game, complete with metal cage roller for the numbers. After we left there, and took the back roads to avoid the parking lot that was I95, I decided to take the boys to the Delaware Museaum of Natural History. They loved it! And, there was a cool exhibit of woodland creatures. We left there to come home around 4 p.m. and after a little tantrum by Dino, who thought that he should buy just about everything that he saw.

Once home, we ordered pizza and played Bingo. They boys were funny reading the numbers out - but to be honest, it was the SLOWEST game in the history of man, I swear. Still, at least they both got a chance to win. That was all that mattered.

Now, I am just waiting for them to get weary and go to bed already. I can't wait to go to bed myself...except Dave is supposed to call again tonight. Not sure if I am up for it ;)

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

Sounds like a good time. I've heard good things about the museum. I may have to just check it out myself one of these days.

And yay about Dave!