Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Tired Y'all

11:25 p.m. - Time I went to bed last night.
4:40 a.m. - Time I got out of bed this morning.

I'm burnt. As in crispy, fried, totally and in all ways beat.

It's cool, though. I'm still smiling and it's gonna be a great day! Why? I am glad you asked. I met a guy online and we talked last night from 8:15 p.m. until 11:05. Yes, it was crazy. I didn't have my watch on and Dino was in bed early because he has a trip today at camp. We talked about almost everything and he is just about the funniest, warmest, coolest (Yes, I know they are not real words. I'm tired, cut me a break) guy I have ever met. He reminds me a good deal of my older sis's husband - and I can totally picture this guy at my family gatherings entertaining everyone the way BIL does. He has a son who is 7 and he has him 1/2 of the week. Seems like a weird setup but it totally works for him. He and his ex are actually friends (divorced 3 years, guess they had time to work it out) and he seems really grounded but still fun. Can't wait to go on a date with this guy!

Gotta run - back to work :) Happy Friday!

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