Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Raining Men

I have been thinking more about my date on Saturday. When I read my post from Monday morning, I realized that it sounded like we had a really good time. It was just ok. The guy talked incessantly (which I am TOTALLY not used to) and he pretty much dominated the conversation. I think he likes to hear himself talk. Honestly, I don't think he learned nearly anything about me. He never asked me about my son, he never really asked me much at all. In the beginning he did, but then it was a one sided conversation for most of the night. He sure likes his soapbox! And, he has no imagination. When we couldn't find an ice cream parlor in the shopping center where the restaurant was, I suggested we could look for one. I was hoping that he would offer to drive around a bit. Nope. We stood at the back of his truck while we talked. It was ok at first but after about an hour I was getting sore and tired. So, I started to try to walk away, but he kept right on talking. Next thing I knew, it was 3 hours later and my legs were really tired. We hugged and a quick peck and then it was off in our cars, saying we would get together for another date. Only, now I am not so sure. I even found myself not wanting to call him last night as I agreed to. So I sent an email that I wasn't feeling well (and this was true - yesterday I felt like crap) and that I would call him soon. Not sure why, but I really don't think there will be a second date.

Then I found this guy on Match that is right in Wilmington. I had winked at him yesterday and he emailed me. We have a lot of the same values and stuff from our profiles, but he doesn't want any more kids. I emailed him back. At this point, we are in the "getting to know" stage. I think that I will just sit back and see what happens. I liked his profile because he is a father of a 7 year old, is in the IT field (and will understand me when I use geekspeak), and has a great sense of humor. He is also 6'3" and is a bit burly - and we all know I love me some big guys! Point in case, my former crush on Mr. HKG.

Another man I had met on match several months ago is becoming a friend now. He is a nice guy, younger than me, and we have been pen pals since I joined in February. I am happy to say that he is becoming a friend, because even though I don't think anything romantic will come of it, I like having a friend like him. He has no drama and there is a little quirkiness about him. Anyway, the reason I mentioned him at all is because I think that I may want to hang with him on 4th of July weekend.

Finally, another man has contacted me via He is a widow at 37 and has a young daughter. The only thing is, he thinks tattoos are a "turn off". I am hoping he means women covered in tattoos and not just the little one on my ankle. Still, at this stage of the game, I am willing to find out if there is anything there. He lives way down in Lewes, DE (which is about an hour away) but at least it is at the beach. He is kinda hunky looking even if he is not tall. Hoping he is not one of those "players" that I find on Match so much.
***Update: True to my instincts, this "playa" has hidden his profile once he read my email about my tattoo. Coward!

That brings me to my soapbox rant of the day. Rant/ Online dating is not horrible, and can actually be a help to busy professionals like myself, the only problem is the aforementioned players. There are the young studs that just want a cougar to show them the ropes. There are the scam artists from overseas that butter women up in their very first email (to get money out of them, I am so sure!). There are the guys that only want to meet for a quick "drink" and some "fun". There are the guys that say they want to get to know you but when you tell them you want to take it slow, they disappear and then hide their profile. Guess no matter where you go in life, someone will be there to try to take advantage of others. And that makes me totally ticked off! Really now, do I need a 23 year old telling me how beautiful I am just to get laid? Do I want some guy in Nigeria saying that he is coming back to the states soon and wants to find an honest woman to settle down? (oh, and by the way, the pictures they have on these profiles are professional portraits of male models. Sleazy!) Am I stoopid enough to fall for the line "let's meet for a drink and see where it goes"? Ok, maybe the 23 year old telling me I am beautiful is nice, I'll admit it. But I am NOT that easily impressed!

Still, there are nice people in online dating too - like me :) I wish I had a better way to meet people, but this is my only outlet right now. I have a few friends at work who met their significant others online, so it can't be all bad. And don't worry. I am smart enough to be smart about it. I don't give out my name, address, social security number or date of birth to anyone! /end Rant.

Ok, back to work. Later y'all!

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Adorable Girlfriend said...


While I was not on the date, could it be possible that he was just really, really nervous? Some people talk a lot when they are nervous.

Just a thought...

I used to think Match wasn't half bad. And I think there was a time when it wasn't. Sadly, it's become too routine and everyone is on there. I was just talking about this with my friend last night!

Give yourself time -- you'll find the right place to meet someone. Shoot! If I knew anyone single at my office I would suggest him. Unfortunately, I don't. However, I will keep an eye open. -- I find the networking thing like a friend knows a friend thing works.

I have also been told the happy hour profession mixers are actually a great way to meet men.

You'll figure it out. Have no fear!