Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Goes Around...

I am NOT a firm believer in karma, but I may become one soon. Point in case - I dropped Dino off at his dad's this morning as usual. Ex was in a towel at the door and was pretty keen that I was not getting in the door. It was odd. Also, his car was in the driveway, which is also odd since he had been parking in the garage. When I picked Dino up today, he talked about this woman that drove him to his daycamp because "Daddy's car is broken" and the woman was a mom but didn't have her son with her. I freaked out. Everything became crystal clear - Ex had his GF over and didn't want me to know. So, I did what any rational, grownup, totally mature woman would do in this situation. I got mideval on him - by phone.

I called him and told him that he had no right introducing Dino to his "f--k buddy" at this time. I reminded him that we had discussed it and agreed that Dino would not meet any "new" people in our lives for a few months until he got used to the idea that we are not together anymore. Further, I let him know in no uncertain terms that he was the biggest sleaze ball alive, only caring about getting laid and not about his son's fragile state of mental health. I told him to keep his pants on and the women out of the house when my son was around. He told me to go to hades. So, I told Dino's therapist about it tonight. She agreed that Dino should not be meeting "new" people until we have his anxiety and stress under control. I called the Ex back and sweetly told him what the therapist said. I took great pleasure in letting him know that the therapist agreed that he was being a selfish pr1ck and that he should grow up and act like a dad (Ok, not in those terms, but really!). I also took great pleasure in the fact that he seemed to be properly chastised and agreed to not confuse Dino any further. I really don't think that he will do a blessed thing the therapist wants, but that is on him. At least I have said my peace. So what if I think his dad is a male ho? I just can't show it. At least Dino will eventually see through this crap.

I took great pleasure in selling my dining room set today. Yup! I found a lovely young couple who just moved here from Utah recently and they are buying the whole kit and caboodle for $1700. The Ex paid over $8,000! I feel a little bit of immature sweet revenge that I cost him even more money...the only place that he has any emotion at all is in his checkbook.

Ok, anyway, his car is also acting up and it is costing him some more money. So in a way, cosmic forces are helping me out today...

Off to play Lego Indiana Jones with my darling son!


Domestic Goddess said...

You sold it? HOORAY!
Glad it will be gone. Now we have to go shopping for a new one!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Look at DG so quick on the scene. :)

You are right about the meeting new people. Good for you for sticking it to him on that one.