Wednesday, June 25, 2008


What is this country coming to? Please don't get me wrong - I wasn't there. But reading this made me REALLY REALLY ANGRY!

I guess having an autistic nephew makes me a little sensitive to how people perceive him and others like him. I love him crazy, and if anyone ever treated him the way that these people treated this woman and her son, I would have to get mideval on their butts!

Really now, what the flying jacknape did they expect this mom to do? I hope she sues their butt, gets the Civil Union involved, and makes them pay. Heck, I'd even welcome the Rev. Al Sharpton taking up her cause! And that is saying something, let me tell you because he makes me nutty.

Anyway, just had to vent. Back to your regularly scheduled blog....

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am not sure we have heard the full truth. I get the feeling it is somewhere between what the mother is saying and what American is saying. I am certainly not saying that I am on either, just that I don't think the full story is there.