Friday, July 18, 2008


The past two nights we have had guests to play with Dino. The three "wild" boys from two blocks away surprised us last night by coming to knock up for Dino. Since it was so hot, I allowed them to play indoors. I discovered that these boys are not really wild at all. They are actually very polite, sweet kids. They are allowed to play around the neighborhood because their mom believes they are in a much safer place than they had been when they lived in Philly. Well, technically, they are. Anyway, they are really nice kids and I was so happy to have Dino playing with kids around his own age.

As I puttered about the house, Dino and his three new friends talked, argued, and played. Even when they argued, they were nice about it. It was great to hear Dino socialize with his peers in a "normal" way. Usually I only witness him being petulant or disruptive. It was a really nice change. When they were done playing, I invited the new friends over any time they wanted. So, naturally, they came by today.

I'm loving this "neighborhood" thing.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

Yay for Dino and new pals!