Friday, July 11, 2008


What makes GeekChick Sad?

* Dino being away

* My Mother not calling to wish me a happy birthday

* A guy I have been corresponding with for 3 months and realize that I can have a great relationship with - lives about 50 miles away

* My neighbors treating me like crap because I asked for quiet after 10 pm

* I'm out of lo-carb ice cream and I'm already in my jammies

* Being out of that cool soft sock yarn

* Realizing that I can take Dino to Disney real cheap - wait! That's not sad!

* The Coreys will never be like brothers again

But, what makes GeekChick happy?

* Dino smiling and laughing

* Knowing that I am doing a great thing for my son and future

* Fresh baked chicken

* Finding a yarn sale with cool colors

* Getting to sleep in

* Time to CHILL

* Project Runway reruns

* Having a great guy to correspond with

* Knowing that I am 40, but feeling 20

* Losing another pound - and being only 15 pounds from my first goal

1 comment:

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Seems like good balance to me.

Thanks again for a wonderful time yesterday. I truly enjoyed myself and your family is very lovely.