Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time To Get Mideval On My Butt

I ordered an elliptical machine. It is a compact one, nothing fancy, and just enough to get me started again. I can't wait for it to get here. Overstock has some pretty good prices and I got the email that it already shipped. Smaller butt, here I come!

So, quick update on Saturday's date. It was ok. Nothing spectacular. Jeff didn't talk hardly at all. I did almost all the talking and kept apologizing for it - to which he replied that I didn't have to apologize. I felt awkward and tense. We had dinner and went to see Dark Knight (awesome!). Then it was over. He gave me two quick kisses, said he would call me in a day or two, and we went our separate ways. Today is Wednesday. No call. Sigh. I sent him an email yesterday morning. No response. So, I give it one more night. If he doesn't call tonight, I am done for awhile. I'll concentrate on getting my body in shape along with my mind. I keep thinking of an old saying..."It'll happen when you least expect it"... So, when is that? I'm not getting any younger.

Thanks to Margie, AG, and FJ for commenting on my last post. Mr. HKG is truly an obsession. And I feel guilty for it. I guess that shows? Anyway, I feel better about it today. It's just like Billy Joel says, "It's just a fantasy, it's not the real thing. Sometimes a fantasy, is all you need...." Yeah right. Who's he kidding? I want the real thing, dammit! Oh well :)

We saw a fox yesterday - it was HUGE. As big as the neighbor's Lab puppy. I had never seen a fox that big. And it ran into our neighbors yard and into the park behind our development. Cool.

Lost the weight I gained from the family reunion - only to have water retention with Aunt Flo's pending visit. Cosmic practical joke?

Dino is having a tough time. He is getting unruly at karate again. He lost his belt this week. Mr. HKG and I had a long talk about it (and, yes, I enjoyed the conversation, but this was about Dino for goodness sake!) and he mentioned that if Dino can't get himself together soon, he may have to bump him back to the previous level. That means he would be in with white and yellow belts for a bit until he can control himself. ADHD aside, Dino is acting out more from confusion and anxiety. It weighs heavily on me. And, his dad is clueless, as usual. The burden of being the only responsible adult in Dino's life is starting to make me a bit nutty. Anyway, I told Mr. HKG that I don't want that to happen, but that Dino has to start to learn to control himself better, despite the ADHD. When I talked to Dino about it, he says,
"I can't help myself, Mommy. There is so much noise, I have to say something. I can't stop my body from moving. I know, I'm bad." It breaks my heart. Please, help me with suggestions! I have done some research and have some ideas, but I am starting to lose faith in myself as a mother. How can I help my little boy? And, no, I am not farming him out to Brangelina. They have enough on their hands already...

Finally, I started a new knitting project. I am making a sweater, hat, and blanket for my brother's baby, due in December. Started it last night. I feel better when I knit. I also want to knit a new sweater for me. I think I deserve one, don't you?

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R said...

I'm going to suggest this, even though I have never tried it myself, only because I know a few families who swear by it. Have you ever tried/looked into the Feingold Diet? Maybe it would help.