Friday, August 1, 2008

What Camping Was Not

Since several days have lapsed without a post, and much has happened (including getting my new cell phone from work - a Blackberry! Can anyone say NEW TOY?), I have decided to catch up with what the weekend was not...

  • Hectic

  • Lots of sleep

  • Lots of quality time with Dino*

  • Un-fun (hey! It's my blog, I can say what I want)

  • Boring

  • Long enough

  • *Dino brought the DS and was pretty much plugged in during every waking moment.

    I loved seeing the family, seeing the old camping haunts, smelling the Caledonia air, being with Dino in the creek during the small windows of time he put the DS down to charge up, playing Pinochle, staring into campfires, getting to know my brother on a level I never thought I could before. It was HAWESOME. So good I stayed an extra day. And now it is over for another year. Bummer.

    And now to the events of the past few days, Cliff Notes style.

    - Dino was miserable and cranky. Refused to go to daycare on Wednesday. Ex allowed him to stay home. Egads! Dino got his way....again. When will the Ex learn?

    - Jeff and I talked a good deal last night. I really, really like him. We are going out tomorrow night. Hope it is not the only date.

    - Shawn is still contacting me. He doesn't want a "serious" relationship and doesn't know how he feels. I like him. We will be friends, I think.

    - Got my new cell. It's the bomb. Finally became assimilated as Borg (read, bluetooth earpiece). 2 of 7, that's me. 'Nuff said.

    - Want to get the garage cleaned out. Time to finish putting stuff away. Can't wait to get the vents in the attic.

    - Dino is becoming such a young boy. Gone are the baby days. He doesn't even like me to kiss him. Sigh.

    - Gained 5 pounds over the weekend. Ate tons of carbs (all that side of the family eats, really...wonder why I have a weight problem?). Back to basics.

    - Worried about parents. Mom is not well, and tries to hide it. Dad is, well, not sure. Both looked really old this weekend. Felt sad.

    - Savings being depleted. Knew this was coming. Bills piled up. Tuition, car insurance, mortgage, credit cards, utilities. Need to re-work my budget. Feel better that all is paid for now.

    - Dreamt about HGK for the first time in months. He looked hot last night, and I had no control over my subconscious. Realize that I just have to accept that I am attracted to him, but that is all. Really.

    - Ticked off that Arwen spends the rest of her days milling about an empty forest after Aragorn dies. WTF? Tolkein is a sadist.

    - Getting better at abbreviating things. This is fun.

    - Off to work. Rock on!


    Anonymous said...

    It took some work on my part but I finally was able to touch base with Brad's & Angelina's publicity rep. They are interested in adopting a child from a first world country. (Dino would be a good fit.) On a personal note I would let Angelina kiss me no matter what my age if she were my mother.

    Got news for you hun, your parents are old...and so are we. One of the good things that comes about by the relentless march of time is your being able to connect with your brother in a way you never have before. it's not all bad.

    Anonymous said...

    Glad you are back and had a good time. Margie