Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 1 - Year of Me

Spent my evening window shopping on the internets. I looked at all kinds of things that I always wanted and can't afford. It was fun. Also found a few things to help me with the start of my new business. I am hoping to get that off the ground soon. Can't say what company it is (not sure of their standards on putting the name out there) but it is a large profitable cosmetics company. I am sure you can guess which one. I did buy a black/pink/white tote bag for doing home shows off of eBay. That was fun. And I got a hanging closet organizer for putting some of the inventory in.

When I was married, I was "forbidden" to get involved with this company even though I loved the products and used them every day. I really wanted to try it since my goal was to be able to make enough to stay home with my young son.

Now that I am a single parent, I want to be able to get enough money to take a nice vacation every year. And maybe earn a free car. That would be nice too, eh?

So it was a good night. And, I feel good this morning. Even if I didn't lose any weight this week. At least I am back to where I was before the divorce. I have to keep focusing on what I have lost since I started. 55 pounds. Not bad.

Also, while Dino and I went to karate last night, we left the dog in the family room instead of in the crate. I closed off the door with a baby gate. She did awesome! And, I feel much better about leaving her in an entire room rather than in a box. We are trying it for the day today. I am praying she doesn't chew too much - if at all. I gave her toys to play with as well. The one thing she did do was chew up one of Dino's socks last night. I think she was annoyed that we were ignoring her while I was cruising the net. Ah well! That'll teach Dino not to leave his socks on the floor. I did tell her "No!" and she was properly chargrined. So, all is well.

Hey, anyone want a free facial? :)

Later gators.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

I will always take a free facial!

When are we getting together, girl?!! I would love to see you soon.