Friday, September 5, 2008

Days 2 and 3

Well, except for a lovely sinus infection, I don't have much to report for day 2. Day 2 was spent in bed or at Dino's school meeting last night. I sweated, was feverish, and felt totally alone in a sea of rich bitches with attitude. What fun! Of course, now that I am focusing on the positive these days - those rich bitches really are just stuck in their little no-fun world of trying to out do each other. And, most of them are actually really nice to talk to once you get passed their "no, don't talk to me because I know you'll see through my facade" attitude...

Day 3 was starting much better. I slept in to try to beat off the illness and then tried to work from home. It didn't work because my boss really wanted me in the office to meet with the team. I wasn't real happy about it, but I went in anyway. It was a good thing I did. I think I would have missed a couple of interesting events. Either way, I decided tonight was MY night. I went directly to get my nails done after work. I came home to let the dog out and decided tonight was movie night. Probably a real tear jerker :)

Tonight - it's all about me. Of course, it helps that Dino is out with dad and I am home alone. Can't wait to go to bed early, too!

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