Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's real hard being positive in the light of so much negativity that is thrown my way. Srsly, dudes. Point in case: I called the Mudder Focker Ex (henceforth known as MFE, 'cause I am all about acronyms y'all) to discuss a few important dates that Dino has coming up. Well, MFE tells me that he is going to be away for a long weekend of the 19th through 22nd. Mind you, he doesn't tell me until today and he has known for MONTHS. That means I am on my own to get Dino to school that day and I have a system upgrade taking place that morning. I was peeved, but told him I would "figure it out". MFE then decides to call me back 15 minutes later and lambast me because Dino had mentioned that MFE had "2 ex wives" and that he could only have heard that from me or my family. You know, because his family is soooo perfect and would never-ever say this accidentally. Because my family is the only place he could have heard it. Of course, it turns out, that Dino said he got it from my side of the family. You know what? I think he heard it from me. I was talking to my friend Jeff on the phone one night and I know I mentioned that I was the second failed marriage for MFE.

Anyway, the call continued with him blaming me for people mouthing off about his personal business, yada, yada, yada. He's so secretive. It's his business, no one elses...and so on. I hung up feeling like I wanted to throw up and cockpunch him at the same time. How dare he call me at work and rant like that?

Like any grownup, I called my sister to have her calm me down :)

I then sent an email to MFE to let him know that I don't give a flying poo that Dino knows about the other ex-wife, and that if he reacted negatively to Dino asking that it would only inflame Dino to want to know more, and that I personally don't understand why Dino shouldn't know the truth...(of course, I do know why - MFE doesn't want Dino to think that he is a two-time loser...which he is...tee hee)

I also stated I do not want MFE to contact me at work unless there is an emergency. That if he has something to discuss, to email me and we will arrange a time to talk OUTSIDE of work.

I am woman - NO ONE controls me! Hear me roar! Rather, read me roar :)

Now all I have to do is rent a billboard on I95 and put up that he has a rental house in PA, a girlfriend in NJ, a secret bank stash at Ameriprise Financial, and is the worst kisser on the planet. That should do it, I think.


Robert said...

Four years ago, I went through all that you are going through now. I can tell you your life WILL get better!!

My x would call at work and blast me not even thinking that WORK is where I MAKE MONEY! Hello? What if I lose my job because I am upset at work?

Your entire blog is so much what I lived and others I have talked to about divorce in the past few years. You are NOT alone in this! Remember that!

Dino is the most important thing, children are the focus.

CryssyeR said...

Wow, thanks so much for the support :)

Oh, and the billboard thing. Just half-kidding. I can't afford such a devious response.