Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What The Hey?

So here I am, minding my own business when suddenly I get two winks on Match. Not one, but TWO. Both are from guys that I find attractive (which is a little scary, because usually that means they are out of my league). The one guy I had talked to before in email back in March. Guess he forgot? We lost contact and I just didn't put any effort into pursuing him. Now the tide has turned it appears.

The other guy is an hour away, and he is also 8 years younger than me. He is divorced with two children. I am in the process of getting to know him better.

One thing for sure - I am not looking at either of these men to "raise me up" so to speak. It would be nice if something pans out, but if not, oh well. This is the first time I have felt like this where men are concerned. I think my new attitude of This Is My Year may have something to do with that.

Speaking of My Year, I binged last night - ON PURPOSE! Whoo-hoo! It actually wasn't a binge. That makes it sound like I ate non-stop. No, I didn't. I was at the supermarket and they had a sale on this wickedly awesome ice cream. I got the Peanut Butter Cup. After only 3 teaspoons, I had had enough. Progress is incredible, ain't it? In years past, I would have eaten the whole darn pint. No, not this Year. I stopped when I had a taste and it was good. I also had a soft pretzel after lunch. That was SO GOOD too :) In all, not really a binge. Everything in moderation, right?

I have also decided that I need to re-visit my dedication to the low-carb diet I am following. It is a good plan, and it works (losing 55 pounds ain't so bad, huh?) but I am bored. I know if I take time off from it, I will balloon up. So, I decided that I am going to allow myself the occassional slip up and just not freak about it. That also means, I am not weighing myself for a while. It just doesn't feel good to be a slave to the scale. More important - my clothes are looking better on me. That is really all I want, anyway. Too feel attractive, even in my PJs. I made an awesome Thrift Store Score (henceforth known as TSS) last week and came away with some really nice things. One is a short sleeved sweater that I have on know. It's plain, black, button-up....and..wait for it....sized Medium!!!! Wow. I think it is mislabled since it fits me (or it was stretched out) but WHO CARES???? It fits and I can actually say I am wearing a medium :) Life is good.

Speaking of PJs, I am so excited that I got to wear my favorite PJ pants to bed last night. Sick, huh? It's the little things folks! It has been too hot to wear them until last night when it was much cooler. Ah, I slept like a baby. Only woke up 3 times instead of every hour on the hour.

Dino did extra well in karate again last night. When we got home, I had found his meds sitting on the counter and realized I didn't give him his pill before school! I didn't get a bad report, so hopefully that means that it all went well without the magic pill. I hope so! I made sure he got it today, but I was proud of him for keeping his control without the use of the medication. I may try that on weekends and see how he does....

And, of course, what would a post be without a mention of Mr. HKG. He looked hot last night. As in smokin'. So, naturally, I had a hot monkey steaming dream about him. When will it end? I have tried not to think of him so much, but it doesn't help when he is looking so fine when I have to see him. Damn him. Anyway, rumor has it that he is getting married. That may help quell the desire in me. I have enough morals to not lust after a man who is married. I hope.

Finally, my new project on my needles is a sweater/hat/bootie set for my brother's new baby - due in December. His girlfriend (they are getting married this year, from what I am told) is getting a baby shower thrown for her by her mother and the date is not a good one for me - November 8th. That is Dino's birthday, and it falls on a Saturday this year. I was planning on having his party that day! Sheesh. I don't know what to do. If I plan the party for this day, the cousins on my side probably won't be able to make it - and I can't invite the cousins on the ex's side I have been told. DG - call me later. I need to talk this out.

Later Gators!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Yay for winks! I love me the winks. I got one from someone last night that has no prayer. Let's just say not Jewish and would be looked at funny if he did convert. Enough said...

You are welcome to invite the cousins from the exes side. They are his cousins and his need to control your son and what you do is BS. They are family to Dino and you do NOT need his permission. What a jerk for telling you that.

I would say that you should give your brother's soon to be wife the Saturday and have Dino's party on either Friday night or Sunday.

Just my two cents.

Call me tonight after 7:30 and we can catch up.

Domestic Goddess said...

I'm with AG. In fact, let him deal with a par-tay on Dino's bday with his fam, then have Dino's friend/other side party the next day. We'll be there with Bells on, mmkay? No matter what time and even if we miss Sunday School. Or depending on what time the shower starts, you could always do something earlier in the morning, like 10. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just to go back to your previous post ... cause I've been thinking about this problem. Poor Dino being stuck with a Dad who doesn't know what to do with him. Not that I want to make your ex's life easier or anything, but how about if you pack a "Dino at Dad's" bag that has things in it that he can bring with him? Like a lego kit or a game (UNO is always a big hit with the under 10 crowd) or a set of I Spy books. It must be so sad for Dino to be on his own there. You would be doing HIM a favor, and you probably wouldn't get those awful "come pick Dino up" calls. Just a thought. I don't know you but I know kids and this is no good for his well-being. Anyway, I wish you the best in Your Year of Me.