Friday, October 31, 2008

#28 - More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys

Wow, y'all! I can't believe how a little baseball talk can spark such animated banter :) For the record, my eyes glaze over only on the math that computes any baseball averages. I understand Pi and algeria therom. It is totally possible that I just didn't care enough (before meeting J, that is) to understand or attempt to commit to memory the batting averages or on base average. However, so Geek Chick is not totally excluded from the conversations taking place on her own blog, she will now take some time to study these concepts and be able to make an intelligent comment or two.

Speaking of spirited conversation, yesterday's post has fueled quite the debate. It's the most fun my blog has seen in years. And I am loving it. The more debate there is, the more I learn anyway. So carry on friends! One of these days I'll be able to join in the verbal sparring....

On a different note - only 30 hours (more or less)until J time! He did come for dinner last night, and a nice dinner it was. Short, but very, very sweet. Holding hands and stealing a kiss or two is enough to hold me over...for at least a day or two. I was so jazzed after he left that I decided to clean the really disgusting fish tank. By the way, NOT my choice to even have a fish tank. Thank my Nutty Mom for that idea. It was cool until I realized that I had NO idea how to clean the damn thing...but I digress. Once I got started, I felt I had to finish it up. Have to say that the thought crossed my mind that if the fish somehow expired in the transfer of tank to bowl and back again, I would not shed a tear. But, Dino likes his fish, so that idea was shot down pretty quick.

After much cursing, freaking, and general mayhem, I have a mostly clean tank. Still need a new filter. But at least the water is not green. Yes, it was REALLY disgusting. And I really don't want to ever have to do that again....

It's also Halloween. That means tons of snot nosed, I mean kids, coming by for free candy. At my last place of residence, I never had to worry about trick-or-treaters. We were on the main road and thankfully people were smart enough to not let their demon spawn run around there. So, for the last 3 years, no candy was given out. However, this year will be different. I live in a REAL neighborhood and there are about 20 kids within a 2 block radius. Probably more. I know I will run out of candy, but that's ok. I can clear out the fruit snacks that Dino has suddenly developed an aversion to. I am attending Dino's school party and parade this afternoon (and forgot my camera! ACK!) then will rush home to pack him for the weekend and get ready for the night. Not sure what Dino is doing as far as Trick-or-Treating himself, as this is his dad's weekend and he should be going with him. But, true to form, MFE has no idea what the plans are and doesn't much care. Sigh. Just waiting to find out the plans. I am sure it will work out.

Must get to work now....only 29 more hours to go!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

#27 - Champions!

I am not a huge baseball fan, as J can attest to :) In fact, except for the Eagles, and sometimes the Flyers, I don't really follow sports. But when a Philly team does something extraordinary, I can't help but get caught up in it. When the Philadelphia Phillies got to the playoffs, I started to pay attention to them. I didn't watch (mainly because I am the kiss of death - whatever game I watch, my team loses! Srsly!) but followed it online. This team personified Positive Thinking this season. I did get caught up a bit in the hype as well. But this was an exciting time for the home team. I won't consider myself a Phillies Phan, 'cause the people that stuck with them through thick and thin deserve the honor of that title, but I am a supporter (and no, not an athletic supporter, so don't go there). I want to see our guys do well, no matter what sport is being played. So, when game 5 was picked up last night, I decided "what the hell" and watched. I didn't expect to be riveted to the TV the way I was. I couldn't move. I was in awe. And on pins and needles. But when that moment came when Lidge threw the final out, I almost jumped out of my PJs! It was thrilling to watch and I was pumped. I even watched the crazy Phans on the street celebrating after. Tens of thousands of people jumping and dancing in the streets. Amazing.

So here now, Philadelphia finally (or Phinally as the tee shirts say) has another Championship under their belts. Phans and casual obervers alike will rejoice as the team parades down the streets of Philly. The city can once again hold up a sign saying that they are winners. Way to go, Phils. You ROCK!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#26 - The Waiting Game

Good morning, blog-o-sphere! Hope everyone slept well. I did. You know, I still haven't turned on my heat at the house. Not that I am being stingy, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to have another $300 bill from the power company...
Of course, now that the attic vents are in, that may not be the case, but still. It is quite cold at night now and I was pretty cold last night, but buried under the blankets I was comfy and cozy. Wish I was still in bed, come to think of it.

It's only Wednesday, but I am already anticipating the weekend with bated breath. I find it hard not being able to see J whenever I damn well please. What may seem like a negative is a good thing, though. See, my positivity is really paying off! In the past I would sit and stew in my frustration. Now, I can see that these breaks are good for us. Not that we are out of touch with each other for any real length of time. What with email, texting, chat and the phone, we really aren't "apart". But not being able to see him does suck big hairy donkey balls. However, on the bright side, it allows us to move along naturally as we discussed. One thing that kills a relationship quick is overexposure. Spending every waking moment with someone or rushing to do many things in a short period of time can be wearing and can burn out a newly lit flame. Plus, we both have children that do need our attention, so there is that. So we play the waiting game and will make every moment count this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, a co-worker is hosting a Halloween party on Saturday that we will be attending. Her parties are usually the bomb. She has this gift for throwing fun soirees where anyone can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Last year, I went to the party alone but felt just fine about it. So many fun people were there. She has rules, though: must come in costume to be able to drink, must have a drink to share with others, and (this year) must wear a moustache. She throws in these little fun quirks. Should be a blast. However, my costume plan was switched when J's mom couldn't locate his band uniform. Ok, yes, he was a band geek (DG can rejoice). Depite that, he is pretty normal :) Anyhoo, he was going to wear his band uniform and I was going to wear a cheerleader costume - then J pointed out that band geeks didn't get the cheerleaders. Ah well. Since the uni was not uncovered, he turned to his next guess...come on, you can do it....think "America's Pastime"...Yup, a baseball player! Ding! I was trying to come up with SOMETHING that would match that, 'cause I always wanted to do that couple-thing for Halloween. The only thing I had was...ball girl. Ahem. Yes, you can see that would have been funny, right? But, not to be. For one thing, I do not have a Detroit Tigers Jersey to match his. For another, well...just can't think what I would wear to be a ball girl. So, I switched it up. I am going to dress as a Rocky Horror cast member. Not any of the leads, just an extra. Fishnet stockings, teased out hair, garish makeup, and glittery clothes. To my surprise (and delight) J knew exactly what I was referring to! Who woulda thunk? I would have gone as Janet but I don't wanna walk around in a bra and slip all night. Too cold.

Must get back to work now. Hope that you have a great Wednesday. Stay positive, y'all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#25 - And Them Some

Ok, for the record - J got 2 doubles and a homer with 3 consecutive at bats...and I lost. Yup. Not that we are competitive or anything, right? 'S ok. I plan on being the next one to bury his ass at Wii baseball. Just sayin'. I'll probably eat crow on that one, but hey, at least I don't smell like Ohio....

I woke up this morning feeling REALLY tired. Have not yet caught up on my sleep, and spending an hour or more a night on the phone getting my J fix doesn't help. I am NOT complaining! Just so y'all know. I wouldn't give up my "voice time" with J for anything in the world...unless it is face time with J, but that is whole 'nother post. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Still, as tired as I was, it really hit me how lucky I am. It's cold and rainy out, but I was somewhat warm and comfy inside. I have the means to provide a nice house for my son, have a car (that's falling apart little by little, but still), keep a dog that is sweet and annoying at the same time, and still be able to do some early Christmas shopping(By the by, J's present is ordered. I plan on torturing him until it is unwrapped).

I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my life. I have a fab family, a super son, and fantastic friends. And I have been really fortunate to have met J. Ok, this is going to get mushy - warning you now! J, if you are embarrased, please skip to the next section. Thanks.
I know I said it before, but putting this in "Mr. Baseball" terms, this relationship has come out of left field. J has added so much to my life and I have to say, I am so grateful he did not run screaming the other direction when met the first time. Normally, a guy would never meet me unless I was fully made up and had on my best skinny jeans. Not so on our first meeting, I was in my bum clothes, no make up, and my hair was all wild and curly. Not that it would have mattered. We were just friends, after all. I told him everything - even about Mr. HKwho? and the guys I was meeting online. He knew about my crazy ex (he has one too) and about the struggles I faced getting my divorce. As we compared notes we discovered that we had "parallel lives". So many things we went through in our lives were similar. I relied on him for his perspective into the insanity when it hit me, and I tried to offer the same steady viewpoint when his life was nutty.
I can't pinpoint why it changed when it did. All I know is, I knew the moment it happened. I felt it. It was a real, tangible shift in my perspective. Like a moment when you are coming out of a dark tunnel.
J makes me feel special. He helps me get back up when I am down. He allows me to be me, and doesn't make me feel inferior (aside from losing at baseball, but I digress...). I am so lucky to have met him and that he decided to take a risk and supercede our friendship to ask me out on a date. It's still very new for us. We are taking it slow. But with the friendship as our groundwork, I feel closer to him than I have ever felt to any man in my life before. Ok,now I probably scared him off :) But I have to be honest. Actually, he knows all this. I am just trying to put into words how amazing it is that this clicked at all. It's true, when you least expect it, you get it.
Ok, enough of that. I am feeling really warm and fuzzy today. I think I'll go hug a tree - when it stops raining, that is....

So here is a totally random thought that I just felt like sharing:

I love technology. It allows me to communicate with people around the world almost instantly. It gives us knowledge (and b.s., let's be fair) at our finger tips. It entertains. It gives us news. It provides a soapbox for any cause that one wishes to hype. The information super highway has become the preferred way for many of us to stay in touch. Oh, but it's not just about the internets. Oh no! There is also the beloved cell phone. Texting, chatting, email, not to mention the actual ability to CALL someone IRT (all about acronyms these days - IRT - In Real Time). It's all so amazing.

And here is what I use technology for mainly:
1. Updating my status on Facebook
2. Reading my friends' statuses on Facebook
3. Chatting with J whenever I can online
4. Yahoo Messenger
5. MS Office Messenger (required at work, suckers that they are!)
6. Reading Blogs
7. Writing my blog
8. Texting
9. Downloading ring tones (it's an addiction really....)
10. Paying my bills - all of them!
11. Blackberry email
12. Keeping up with company stock (ummmm, let's not go there....)
13. Weather updates
14. Sharing photos
15. Ordering stuff (eBay Addicts Anonymous, proud member)
16. Googling - it's a word, look it up
17. Homework with Dino
18. Playing games (thanks for the Lingo addiction, DG)
19. Until recently, dating :)
20. Work - when it fits into my otherwise full schedule

Hug your computer today. It does a lot for you :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

#24 Continued

As I mentioned in my previous post, J brought over his daugher and son last night for dinner and some fun. I was a bit nervous meeting them, but not a whole lot. I just wanted them to have a good night and not worry about impressions. I didn't have to worry. They were sweet, funny, and engaging. It was a really good night. After about 45 minutes or so, J and I looked at each other and I think we both realized that things were going to be A-OK. We ordered Chinese food (and it was yummy, thankyouverymuch), watched a Scooby Doo movie and then played Wii Sports. Dino and J's son really hit it off almost immediately, so I was quite surprised when Dino started to get really bossy and arrogant. And I think it took HIM by surprise when T (J's son) started to beat him at one of the games. Dino, being ever the gracious host, declared the game over and pouted upstairs in my room. I, on the other hand, joined in the fun. T and C (J's daughter) played the baseball game and had a good time with it, but then J and I decided we had to play a game.

Did I ever mention that J is like Mr. Baseball Lunatic Fanatic? Srsly, ask him who played 3rd base for the Yankees in 1963 and he can tell you, along with the color of the guys favorite socks. If anyone wants to know ANYTHING about baseball, ask J. Next time you see him, ask him about Merkle's Boner.

So J proceeded to kick my butt by hitting a double and a home run. I hit bubkis. Nada. Zilch. Lots of fouls, no runs batted in. Sigh.... J is also quite the funny guy and just HAD to give me some gentle ribbing about my tragic loss to his superior sport prowess....

But, it's ok. I am fine. Really. Just plotting my sweet revenge.....

Back to Business - #24

This weekend was hectic and crazy, but fun all the same. It was a stunning combination of craziness lack of sleep. Bugaboo gave us a run for our money, but I MUST point out that he did not:
a. run away
b. get over the fence
c. open any doors on his own
d. stim on coffee grounds
e. eat anything that was not give to him on purpose

I am proud of that fact. What I am not proud of is how it took two grown women (and the sometimes help of one surly teenager, but I digress)to watch over him. Really now. Two??? Yes, you read that right. Two. Duo. Dos. Due. In any language....

I have a new respect, awe, and admiration for DG. I have always looked up to her a certain extent, but now the pedastal is WAY up there. How she does that day in and day out is totally beyond me. She must be an alien or have DNA distorted by the gamma rays of her hair dryer to be able to keep up with that little tiny child. And, y'all, he is super fast. At the park, I let him run since it was fenced, and I heard one of the teenagers playing basket ball say, "that little dude is FAST, man!". I laughed. He has no idea!

It was an exhausting but rewarding weekend, and I just hope that in some small way, I was able to give back to DG a bit....

Last night, J brought his kids over for dinner. We were a bit nervous, I think. Would his two get along with Dino? Would they like me? Would I be able to keep my hands off him while he was there?

The answers are YES, yes, and no. More detail to follow. I have to get to a meeting:)

Later y'all!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Offline Weekend

Howdy, y'all...

Geek Chick will be incognito this weekend. Offline. Unplugged. Au naturale...ok, maybe not. Still, I will be unavailable this weekend since I am helping to watch DG's boys while she and her hubby take a much needed weekend of R&R. Be back Monday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post #23 - TIOBP

Well, another fine crisp morning has dawned. Today, my lack of sleep from the past 3 nights is catching up with me. For some reason, I couldn't get right to sleep last night (it may be because J stopped for dinner and I was pretty hyped about that). But, once I did sleep, it was the deep dreamless kind. Last time I looked at the clock it was 9:45. Sigh.

Have lots to do tonight to prepare for this weekend. DG and her hubby are going away for their anniversary, so my sister and I volunteered to watch her boys. We are working together on this, since we both feel better having back up for Bugaboo. You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it takes a nation to keep their eyes on this little tyke :) I am really looking forward to it, though. Yes, DG, I am crazy!

Tonight to prepare I must get my food shopping in for the week, pack our clothes, get stuff together for the dog (who is coming with us) and make sure Nick has everything he needs for the weekend. I want to make sure we get to bed at a reasonable hour, especially since I am SURE I will be up late tomorrow night with Bugaboo...

So, today I am positive that I will get it all done with time to spare :)

Later, gators!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post #22 - TIOBP

Well, it's a great morning in Metropolis! It's pretty cold out, and I can't say it enough - I LOVE FALL! The drive is so much prettier during this time of year. And my drive being an hour, it's nice to have good scenery :)

Not much to report - except that I have a lack of sleep due to talking to J from 9 p.m. until almost 11. Funny, I don't feel all that tired! I am just loving the fact that we talk for hours and cover so many subjects and still have stuff left to discuss. Sending good mojo your way today, J!

Tons of stuff going on at work, and I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say I will have little time to do anything except jump from meeting to meeting again. I do like it this way - makes the day fly by.

I did want to point out something that I am seeing as an immediate return on my investment into the positive attitude - confidence! My confidence is growing by leaps and bounds these days. I find that even when crap hits the fan, my confidence is rather unshaken. This is new for me! Perhaps because in the past, my confidence was merely surface deep. It took some time to really believe in myself, my abilities, and my talents. And a little more time to not allow others to influence that confidence.

So, thought for the day: Believe in yourself! There is no other you like YOU.

Ta-ta, y'all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Post #21 - TIOBP

Top O' the morning to you!

24 hours has gone by in a blur. It was a non-stop day at work with meeting after meeting. The highlight of my day was getting to see J in a bathing suit....mind you, he was 14 at the time, but still looked like him now :) Yes, J, quite the looker! No wonder your HS friends had crushes on you...

Today is supposed to be a little more contained. I have a number of things to set up for a meeting tomorrow, but I am also feeling like I can finally get to some of my projects that I have been procrastinating on. What? Me? Procrastinate? Never! Ok, it's true. Must be a family trait as I know DG also has similar issues.

Was up pretty late last night. And, still managed to awake at 4 a.m. Sheesh. What's a GeekGirl have to do to sleep a little?

Had a dream about J - and he's reading this, so I will keep it rather tame - but it was definitely a hot dream. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Can't help it! He's sexy, what can I say? It was the dream that actually woke me up. Must have been in the latter stages of REM sleep. Whatever. It set the tone for me today, so it HAS to be a good day.

Dino received his interim report (read: report card. What's up with these new PC terms anyway?). It was really a good one. All scores in the 90's. Yup, I'm proud of my little guy. Of course, there was a "needs improvement" in the behavior check box. Sigh. The comment said that he is "still distruptive and constantly talking". Really. What shock. NOT. I have the feeling that will be the comment that is permantly on all of his reports from the school. One of the things that I was thinking about (and need to talk to the MFE about) is to have the school give him his ADHD meds when he gets in for the day. I have been giving it to him when we are getting ready to leave the house (6:10 a.m. Y'all. It sucks.) but I find that it is wearing off too quickly. It's supposed to last until 6 p.m. and it isn't. So, maybe if he takes his meds at the school, it will get him through the day. Not sure, but it's worth a try, right? In any case, his academics are right on par with his group, so I am not all that worried.

Well, must get my day going now. Positive thought: Getting there is half the fun...slow down and enjoy the ride :)

Peace out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Post #20 - TIOBP

Hi y'all!

What an incredible weekend. Even though Aunt Flo arrived (FINALLY!) and wasn't a very nice house guest, I didn't let it get me down. J and I really enjoyed being together. We had to. It has to last us two weeks :( Still, we enjoyed ourselves. That's what is important.

The karate event Friday night was nice. Dino will most likely not be joining the extra class they are offering since he's already struggling to focus in his regular class. Mr. HKG and I had a long talk about Dino after all the other parents had their turns. We are on the same page there. I don't want Dino to distract the class with his antics, since they do handle weapons, so Mr. HKG said he would have Dino "try" the class out and see if it is something he can do. We'll see how that goes.

Then, on Saturday, J and I took a lovely walk in the park with the puppy. It was a crisp fall day and it felt incredible to be walking with my arms around my sweetie. After the park we had dinner and went to a movie. The movie was cute, more of a teen flick, really, but funny and entertaining. Excitement never avoids us for long, as the fire alarm went off right after the movie started. We filed out calmly (which surprised me, really, with the crowd being mostly teenagers) then filed right back in since it was an oil fire at the concession stand that was quickly extinguished. After the movie, we returned home. It was a really great night, full of talking, kissing, and just wonderful closeness.

Sunday was much the same. Aunt Flo got mean on me, but J and I ran out to a store that I wanted to check out, and we found a hot water bottle there. We stopped for some vitals and then went back to the house to snuggle up and watch a movie on the DVD. It was so wonderful to sit and snuggle with J and my hot water bottle :) I almost didn't mind the horrible cramps that suddenly kicked in. Almost. We had a lovely afternoon, and a nice candle light dinner. All too soon it was over and J was heading back to his house. I haven't stopped thinking about him since.

It will be another two weeks before we can spend time together. What will I do???

Also, I accidentally slipped and said "Love you" when we were kissing goodbye. Yikes! Not sure where that came from. I know I feel really close to him. I know that I can't stand being away from him. But love already? Hmmmmm. I kept apologizing to him. It really just came out of my mouth without me thinking about it. He laughed it off, but I am mortified. Don't want to put any pressure on the guy and he and I have already had the "talk" about going slowly. So, not sure what to think about that right now.

Ok, off to work :) Positive thought for the day: Smile and the world smiles with you!

Happy Fall, y'all!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Post #19 - TIOBP

Hello blog world,

After a really good night of sleep, I felt much better today. In fact, I felt really good. I went to work and had a pretty alright day. And, J figured out what to do about the friend that was hung up on him and worked it out.

So, all I needed was a good long sleep, it seems.

This weekend has lots of promise :) Don't know if I will be posting much, since I will be quite busy. Tonight is a karate event, where I get to enjoy some eye candy. Then there will be an oil change tomorrow, pedicure and nails, and time with J. I think you understand why I may not post much, huh? LOL

I leave you with a special weekend version of staying positive - Get your sleep, take your vitamins, and laugh at something every day. The rewards are worth it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Posts #17 & 18 - TIOBP

Good afternoon, all. Are you comfortable? Do you have enough room for your legs? Good. Hope you are having a better day than I am. In fact, anyone that is not being sh-iat on is having a better day than I am so that doesn't say much...

Being positive is sometimes work. Sorry to disappoint my fellow members of the Eternal Optimists Club. While I am still able to see all the great things that are in my life right now, I can't help but see the icky stuff too. 'Specially when it is thrown in my face and I don't duck out of the way. But I digress....

Last night was interesting. Much family drama and discord by the one we termed the Princess. Somehow she seems to think that...well, it doesn't really matter.

Then, I was up until late talking to J.

Then, Aunt Flo still didn't arrive.

Then I went to work and chatted with J online and found that a friend of his with a very wrong idea of their relationship was jealous of me. So he didn't want me posting on his public page for a little while. He wants to "give her time". Well, jeez. Would be lying if I didn't say that it hurt me a little that he didn't stand up for us.

Then, there was drama at work too. I had to take several of my employees to task for being immature and down right annoying.

Then I fought ugly traffic all the way home.

So, here I am feeling really tired, stressed, and just needing a hug. And Aunt Flo must have taken US Air and is still looking for her luggage, because she STILL isn't here. She's sent several notices that her arrival is pending. So where is she?

And, we still have stuff to do tonight. I want sleep! I may not even talk to J tonight as I have not spoken to him most of the day because I am annoyed and hurt that I have to "hide" from this Fatal Attraction friend, who apparantly told him that she was really angry that he led her on and hurt her feelings. (oooo, how's that for a run on sentence?) He claims nothing went down with her. So, she's either another psycho, or he is totally clueless. Or both. I think that the latter is probably more likely. Either way, it is a bit too early in our relationship for me to start feeling slighted by a simple request like that - but it got my goat today. Oh, and it is important to mention that this "friend" is in Michigan where he is from, so there is no chance she will show up at my house with a dead rabbit. Come to think of it, there was no chance she was going to get with J, but that is her issue.

So, here's what I am pointing out that is positive today and yesterday (since I missed it!):

1. The Phils are going to the World Series! (not that I follow that stuff much, but it is neat anyway)
2. I got to see a co-workers baby today. Nothing like a little face time with a small bundle of joy to brighten anyone's day :)

Oh, and Aunt Flo has still not arrived. Did I mention that? Pretty soon I am going to take it personally....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post #16 - TIOBP

From my new sweetie. A surprise on my doorstep. What a guy!

So I come home from work and find this box on my steps. It is obvious it is flowers. I open the card first 'cause that is how I was raised. It says "Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to this weekend." It wasn't signed, but I knew who it was from. J is not feeling well, so I texted him instead of calling to thank him for fear I would wake him up. His reply was modest and sincere. I am a lucky lady!

See, positive draws good things to you! Be positive today. Reap the rewards.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Posts #14 and 15 - TIOBP

Yes, it's two posts in one! That's because I was too busy yesterday to post about anything (of which I shall tell you shortly) and today I was too busy to post at work like I normally do (of which I shall tell you after I tell you the other).

Ok, so this weekend was AWESOME. That's AWESOME with a captial A, ya'll. Heck, I'll even go to HAWESOME.

Here's why.

Saturday, Dino and I went to karate early in the a.m. and then to soccer. I was in a hellishly pissy mood. I am still waiting for Aunt Flo to arrive and I am sick of waiting. My hormones going bonkers, naturally I totally freaked when I see the MFE with his ho-girlfriend. I was peeved that he hadn't thought enough to tell me that she would be there. Not that he would. It just felt like he was rubbing her in my face because I didn't have anyone and he did. Funny, I guess I never took a really good look at her before. Guess what? She looks OLD. And, she is really overweight. More so than I am. Ha! She may be blond, but she is not as cute as I had first thought. For some reason, that really cheered me up. I was still ticked enough to let MFE have it, but I felt better that I wasn't tossed aside for some cheerleader like I had been believing. No, I was tossed aside for some older, shorter, rounder chick. That made it different. So naturally, I called my friend J, with whom I had a date planned on Sunday. He stayed objective and offered that I was annoyed because I wanted to show MFE that I had moved on, and instead was being shown that MFE had. He was right (DG had also offered similar advice). So, I just stayed on the sidelines and ignored them. MFE did not get involved and sat with the GF the whole time and basically only spoke to Dino when he came off the field for water. That is what really annoyed me. Dino is no dummy, and he only briefly interacted with them. It was kind of sad, really.

So what's positive about this? I found that in talking to J, I had realized how much I prized his advice and his friendship. I was feeling weird about having a date with a friend, but I decided that was plain silly and put it behind me. I invited J to go on a hayride with Dino and I later in the day. Turns out, that was the best thing to do.

We had an absolutely wonderful time! Dino and J get along well. We've spent time together before as friends, so Dino didn't think anything different about it. The hayride was great, and even if the witch's jokes were corny. J actually thought the one was really funny and he and Dino laughed about it the rest of the night. That was priceless. We then roasted marshmellows at the bonfire and sipped apple cider. Dino wanted to play on the playground, so we went there next. While there, J casually took my hand. You know what? It was totally natural and it just felt right. Weird, huh?

We then picked pumpkins and went home to have dessert. It was a great night. Dino went to bed around 9, and J and I stayed up late talking, holding hands, and, yes, we kissed. Again, it felt natural. And there is some sort of spark there. It totally took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to feel like this.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was really feeling good about the "date". Unfortunately, it was not meant to be a regular date. We ended up staying in and watching the Star Wars episode of Family Guy (which as a Geek, I am ashamed to admit I had not seen before). I laughed so hard I cried! We ordered out and just sat again, holding hands, joking, talking, and snuggling. It was a great night. I found that he is really smart - and really sharp with his wit. This one is going to keep me on my toes! We agreed that we were going to take things slow, and just let them develop naturally. As he was leaving, he joked "So how do you feel about HKG now?" to which I replied, "Who?" And we laughed.

So, there you have it. This could be the beginning of a great relationship, or it could be just a good diversion for us both now. I am not treating this relationship as I have the few others in my past. Back then, all my hopes were tied to the match working out. I would expend all this energy at one time and basically push the guy too fast and furious to jump through all the stages of the relationship as quickly as possible. Not this time. I learned. And, I want to enjoy this as much as I can.

So here is two days worth of positive thoughts:
1. Don't let inhibitions hold you back from trying something new.
2. Happiness could be just around the corner. Walk around that corner and take a look.

Ok, off to bed. My cerebral cortex is no longer connected to my spine.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Post #12 (since I skipped it earlier) - TIOBP

I found another bonus that comes from being positive in my life. I seem to be sleeping better! Yay! No drug induced dreams, no waking 4-5 times per night to stare at the ceiling. How about that? It helps that the weather has cooled at night and I am able to open the windows and snuggle into my comforter. It's my favorite thing (well, next favorite thing) to do in bed. I sleep best when the air is crisp and chilly and the bed is warm like a nest. It's all cozy and snuggly. MMMMMMmmmmmm.... oh, sorry, drifted off there.

I love fall. I may have mentinoed it before. Fall is my absolute fav time of year. The air is crisp, the days are a little shorter, and the leaves turn into a stunning display of color. I know I talked about my back yard backing to the county park. Another added bonus is that I have some leaves in my backyard!!! Those of you who know me, or have been reading awhile know that the MFE cut down every single tree in our yard at the other house. Nary a leaf, y'all. How can you build a leaf pile and run through it? It's an integral part of least in the states that have trees that turn and drop leaves :)

Dino has karate and soccer today. At some point, we will need to stop at the pet store to get a new filter for the fish tank I never wanted (story at 11). But, it's such a pretty day that I don't care what we do as long as it is outside. I usually spend my summers cooped up in air conditioning as I cannot stand the heat. It just gives me headaches and a feeling of fatigue. I may be allergic to summer. LOL So, naturally, when the cooler weather comes, I am jonesing to get out.

Tonight is a special night. Dino and I are taking my friend J (yes, that J, but the date is tomorrow night) to a local orchard for pumpkin picking and a hayride. It should be a blast. I can't wait! I love the corn maze, the fall treats (even though I will NOT partake), and the whole atmosphere. It's just a lot of fun. I've already told Dino that J is mommy's friend and he seemed to get it. Honestly, I think I make more of things than Dino does! LOL

So, today's TIOBP tip - enjoy the weather. Get out and do something! Take a walk, go for a ride, sit on your deck, step or porch. Whatever you do, go out into the glory of creation and drink in the goodness of fall.

Happy Fall, Y'All!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Post #13 - TIOBP

Geek Chick is a little sad today. I finally worked up the nerve to talk to Mr. HKG last night. Turns out, he is still living with the girlfriend. No wedding at this time, but the cohabitation is still in effect.

During our conversation last night, I realized that he may not be as happy and that may be why he is not spending as much time at home. Point in case - it was late and I was talking to him about Dino's birthday party. He stated that he had been teaching since 8:35 a.m. at a school and then came to the dojo to teach at night. When I apologized for holding him up, he says "Oh, that's ok, I wasn't doing anything anyway." I thought that was my "in" and started to talk to him about what's going on. Turns out, he is still with the GF, and that the little one is really giving him trouble. It was obvious that it really bothered him. I joked a little saying "What kid doesn't love you? All the kids here practically worship you!" He smiled a little sadly and said, "Well, when the kid is your own, it's a different story". Ouch. It must hurt him pretty badly because he sounded pretty down. We joked for a few more moments and I decided it was best to just go home at that point. I was really down myself. Now I don't know what was going on. I think I may be mis-interpreting him. Or, he knows that I have an attraction to him and he is allowing the flirting to help repair his ego. Or, he is really unhappy with his situation but doesn't know how to get out of it now that they are starting to look for schooling for the daughter. Whatever the reason, I know now what the status is, and now I feel like I can move on. He is unavailable. Period. From now on, friendly banter only. Back to being eye-candy! LOL

And, let's face it folks. This guy was in no way a serious consideration. We all have our fantasies. He was a crush. Pure and simple. I find him EXTREMELY attractive. I like his personality. But if he is whipped (as it appears to me), I certainly don't want him.

So, that leaves me with these other guys. You know, it IS really nice to have all this attention. Does that sound egotistical? Even from HKG. I have NEVER had this! I am just going to sit back and enjoy it :) Really. My one co-worker here is 40 as well and she just can't seem to meet guys. And she is on the same sites I am. The thing is, she is also REALLY picky. Perhaps I need to be as well? Nah! What I may think is the "perfect match" for me may not be. (See story of HKG above).

So, today's postive thought is "sit back and enjoy the ride!". I want to give myself time to enjoy this process. I am ashamed to admit that I don't have much experience dating. I dated very little in high school. Hung mostly with friends in college. Met a guy (and lived with him a couple of months) but that didn't work out. Then, I was single again until I met the ex. Not a good deal of history to draw from for comparison's sake, you know? It's funny. DG and I were talking about this last night. It seems that I am drawing people to me with my positiveness. Yes, that is a word, I looked it up :)

My new found confidence is what is probably causing my windfall. I am happy to say, that I want to continue on that trend! I know that the more I grow, the better I feel about myself, and as I continue to step out of my "box", I will have good things come my way.

So, here I am. Looking forward to the future. Grasping the golden ring.

You know what? I'm not sad anymore :)

Thanks for listening. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bonus Post

Ok, y'all. I got guy issues. Let's review:

I am hung up on Mr. HKG, and I flirted shamelessly with him tonight. Oh my....and I wasn't even wearing my sexy new heels. And he looked sooooo good up close. I had emailed my friend J earlier today about my affinity for all things HKG just to get a guy's perspective. He teased me about robbing the cradle.

Ok, then, my friend J texted me about my HKG thing and wanted to know what was up with looking for a younger guy? Didn't I like guys my age? Then I tried to explain that I wasn't originally looking for a younger guy (and until Mr. HKG flirted with me, I wouldn't have dreamed of thinking he would be interested). I also explained that for some reason, guys my age didn't seem to be interested. J then texted and let me know HE was interested and wanted to know if I wanted a real date? I said yes, because we do get along really well. But I am not sure about this.... I did talk to him tonight and agreed that we would go out. We would go to dinner and a movie. However, we would not put any pressures on it and if either one of us isn't feeling it, then we will say so. I wanted to be sure we preserve our friendship because he is such a great guy, but his life is sooooo messed up right now.

Then there is the English Professor (actually teaches high school, but that's ok. He'll always be the professor to me). He is interesting, funny, and really nice. But he has a really busy schedule and doesn't look like he even has time to date.

A new guy started to email me this week. He is from match. He is also local - just around the corner from me. I am really excited by it. He is FUNNY and SMART and just about has the best personality. I really want to meet him. But now I have this J thing going on. And I have never, ever dated more guy than one at a time. What a weird predicament to be in!

Finally, at karate tonight, one of the mom's came up to me after my flirting with Mr. HKG. She mentioned that she noticed one of the kid's dads was interested in me. I like this guy, he is really nice. But I hadn't noticed that at all. She said that she was just offering an outsider's perspective. That was weird. And, I don't see it. I don't. I do know he talks to me a lot and more often than the other moms. Does that mean he is interested in me? I don't know...

What I want to know is what do I do with all of this? What is the best course action? I like all of these guys in one way or another....

I am NOT a beauty queen so why all the guys? I am so not used to this attention. Growing up, I was lucky to have one guy talk to me as a real person, let alone as a girl. Now, I am getting all of this. It's strange but it is not unwelcome :)

#11 - TIOBP

First, check this out! It's a scream....(you'll see why that is a bad pun after you check the link)....

I am really feeling bloated and icky these days. I am now on day 46. That's late, even by my standards. So what does this mean? Am I going through "the change"?

Ummmm, I'm only 40 but it is possible. And if so, that really sucks. On the positive side - no more Aunt Flo! But that would also mean no more babies. Let's face it folks, even if I meet a guy tomorrow (or by a miracle end up with Mr. HKG - it could happen) then I am off and running to beat the proverbial clock.

Anyway, I am struggling to be positive today. I knew going into this experiment that it would be harder on some days to see the silver linings. This is one of those days.

I tried to take a pic of my new "do" but I hated them all. Anyway, it's not really a new's the same old do with shorter layers.

So let's see - what's positive in Geek Chick's world today? Besides seeing Mr. HKG tonight? Tee hee! I know, I know y'all are sick of this topic. Oh well! It's my blog, and I can write what I want :) It does seem a bit pathetic that the highlight of my day is to drool over a hot young guy through a plate glass window....gosh that does sound sad. Truth is, I don't see what's so bad about being enamoured by him. What's the big deal? Is it 'cause he is young? Is it 'cause he teaches karate? Please, what is so wrong with being attracted to him? Not that it will change how I am or anything. I am really curious about what the hang up is.

My skin started to clear up. Yay! That's something.

Oh, oh, oh! Here's something - I went to see my MK director get her new car last night. I should say her FREE car from Mary Kay. It is an abfab platinum Saturn Aura. Looks like a Mercedes. It is INCREDIBLE. Saturn had this big party with pizza, cake, and drinks and there was a big unveiling of the car. It was way cool to be there. If I want a free car, all I have to do is get some people to sell with me and we have to have production of a certain amount for an entire quarter. You know what? I don't necessarily want to be with MK forever. I don't really care about the jewelry. But for a free car, I might make this work :)

Have a positive day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

#10 - TIOBP

Tough one today, folks. GeekChick is PMS-ing REALLY bad. Just got a call from MFE and he just about took the smile off my face. I say "just about". I'm getting better at not letting him bother me soooo much. Nothing important, just trying to be a pr1ck. Still looking for a whipping post, I guess. Well, not this Chick!

Here are things that are bugging me today:
- I gained weight. Thought I lost it.
- I feel fugly because of hormonal imbalance.
- Talked to a new guy last night - don't think we clicked.
- Dino has a nasty cough. Just a cough.
- My boss is the kind of "do as I say, not as I do" kinda guy.
- My bra hurts.
- The MFE is just a boob.

Here is how I make these positive:
ummm, I can't.


Ok, ok, there are some great positives that are happening today, I suppose.
- I am talking to a new guy on Match. He is local, about my age, and really FUNNY.
- I am probably retaining water due to PMS - so the weight gain is a fluke.
- I "feel" fugly, but actually look kinda cute today :)
- My boss is working from home today! Yay!
- The bra was on wrong! Dudes, seriously, I shouldn't dress in the dark. 'nough said.
- I have a new mix on my iPod.

Here is another great positive - Fall is here! Whoo-hoo!

I love fall. It is my all time favorite season. It is just chilly enough for sweaters Srsly, if you knew me in a past life, you would have envied my expansive sweater collection. At one time, I owned 66 sweaters.

The leaves are turning lovely colors on the trees. I mentioned that my backyard backs to county park land, right? So I have a front row view of Mother Nature's spectacular color show. Awesome. Hawesome, even.

Poncho weather!!! Need I say more????

K. Have to run. Work beckons. Enjoy the fall, y'all!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Post #9 - TIOBP

So, controversy over Mr. HKG, huh? Well, no worries! I'm not sure if what I intended was really coming across.

The thing is this: Forget Mr. HKG. I have been intimidated by most men for all of my life. I always believed they were somehow better than me - or that they would not find me the least bit attractive or entertaining. Take Mr. HKG out of the equation here. I am so done with thinking that way! One of my friends at work reminded me that I am better than I am allowing myself to be. He reminded me that any guy would be lucky to find someone such as myself. This was a great ego boost to be sure. More importantly, it reminded me that this journey I am on needs to reach the very depths of my soul. That means I own up. I put on my big girl panties and admit that I had an issue here or there and I am working on correcting that. My point was that I am getting ready to meet the right one - no matter who he is. And, I deem myself worthy when he arrives.

Mr. HKG is just eye candy, y'all. Got it?

Ok, so on to today's positive post - it's all about the hair. I have had a love affair with my hair for many years. Even at my lowest, I was happy to have red hair that is naturally curly. The problem is that the perfect style has alluded me for just as many years. Lately, I am starting to realize that the best style for me is one that is not fussed with. So, tonight, I got my usual trim. And bangs. And I really just like it like that :)

'Sides, it's cute. So I'll never be a supermodel. I'll be me. And I'm really happy with that! (those who know me well, know that this is a monumental leap in my self esteem.)

Be happy with you.

To DG: No, sorry, can't forget about HKG. I do have to see him 3 times a week. However, I am not going to think ONLY of him :) Mr. English Professor is still in the picture.
To Fr. Anonymous: So I need to report going to mass each week? Sorry. Just thought that was already assumed.
To Margie: Right on, girlfriend! Let's hear if for uniqueness :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post 7 & 8 - TIOBP

I missed yesterday - so sorry! I was busy ignoring my housework yesterday :) I got up early, went to the bank, got the car washed, took the dog to PetSmart and then came home to do housework... which I promptly pushed aside in favor of so many other things. I did some laundry but that was about it. I ended up going to Goodwill after lunch since they were having a 1/2 price sale. I came away with a bag full of clothes for $15. Not bad, eh?

So, yesterday's positive thing - I got my nails and a pedicure done! Whoo-hoo. Talk about relaxing. They have a great full body massage chair that I used while waiting for my pedicure. I was in heaven. I took my time, enjoyed the process, and really just felt all the stress melting away. I picked an awesome fall color - metalic rust :) After, I picked up chinese food and came home to eat it while watching Evita on tv. Suddenly, I realized that I hadn't gotten the present for the birthday party that Dino was attending today. I quick ran to Tar-jay and picked up a gift and did a little food shopping. Who knew? I saved quite a bit of money by not going to my local store for the little stuff. Like the coffee. $3 less, y'all! Whoo-hoo!

Today's positive thing - my goodness! My brother is coming with his girlfriend. He is going to fix my gables in my attic. Dino has a birthday party to attend at the karate studio, so I can see Mr. HKG :) I am no longer ashamed of my attraction to him. It is what it is. Just an attraction on a very base level. My "obsession" for him was more about me. I have always viewed a certain type of guy as "out of my league". Mr. HKG fell into that category. Good looking, popular, and noble. Up until recently, that was a bit too good for me. Now, no one is out of my league! Hey, it takes all kinds for the world to turn. I'll find the right one, but only if I allow myself to be out there. I can't hide my true self forever. She is screaming to come out - whacky, fun, a bit of a big kid, and smart (and damn proud of it). After all, as the saying goes, "God don't make junk."

So, today's positive thought - I am worthy. So are you, by the way. Just sayin'.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Post #5 - TIOBP

Good day to y'all!

Ok, so it is hard to be real positive when you have only had 3 hours of sleep and the dog peed all over the carpet in the hall (thankfully, not a poo issue), but I am doing my best. The 4 pound loss I thought I had must have been a fluke. This morning I am back up to where I was. However, Aunt Flo is threatening to visit, so I am not going to get hung up on that. Just trying to stay on target.

It is going to be another GORGEOUS day, so that has my spirits up. I am planning on being out tonight with my bro, who needs my support right now, so that should be a nice diversion. Oh, and the best news of all????

MR. HKG is SINGLE again! Whoo-hoo!

At least, that is the current thoughts of the mom's at karate. I still don't have the nerve to ask about his personal life. He made a comment to one mom that he has a lot more personal time on his hands these days. He can be an intensely private person, so he doesn't speak much about what goes on in his life. So that comment threw us for a little loop. Anyway, explains why he has been back to being overly friendly with me. Don't know. I am just going to have to bite the bullet and actually speak to him to get the lo-down. I think I will wait until I am wearing my new sexy pumps :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post #4 - TIOBP

How's that for an acronym? LOL

Ok, day 4. A little late in the day to be posting. Ready for what's positive about today? Here's the skinny:

* Worked from home - little to no stress! And the commute was awesome.

* Lost 4 pounds this week!!! Wooooooo-hooooooo!

* Look darn good in my fall colors.

* The weather is cool and GORGEOUS. Just how I like it.

* Verizon found the FIOS router that MFE returned and I am getting a refund!

* Mr. Hot Karate Guy soon to be replaced with shy hunky guy from my dating site. He is going to call me :)

* My doggie needs a surgery and xrays costing over $1,000! Wait, that's not positive. The fact that I can get pet insurance through my work is, though.

* My 6 pairs of shoes arrived this week. Yes, SIX. I love me some internet bargains. I will post their pictures soon as I am incredibly proud of my thrift savy. They are GOOD shoes and under $30 each for the most part. I had to make the investment because of my MK business, but also because I needed to rebuild my shoe wardrobe after my divorce. They are just plain yummy.

Make today the best of your life. It is only here once.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Post #3 - The Imprtance of Being Positive

Here we are on day 3. How does everyone feel? More positive? Happier to be alive?

I decided to dedicate one whole post to my son, Dino. His name is not really Dino (that is short for Dinosaur Boy due to his love of dinosaurs), but you probably figured that I wouldn't expose him on the world wide web, huh?

Dino is the most important thing in my life. All the love, joy, fascination with life, and humor of the day is wrapped up in that little guy. I will find myself watching him sleep out of pure wonderment that he is mine. How did I get so lucky?

My son was born on a Thursday in November almost 7 years ago. He was a total breach, meaning his head was up near my breast bone, with his feet near his ears. In one ultrasound pic, you can actually see his stubby little fingers grasping his toes. Quite amazing. Due to the breach, I had two options - the medical staff could attempt to "turn" him, or I could schedule a c-section. Since I didn't want to put the poor thing in any kind of distress, I opted for the c-section. Early (and I do mean EARLY - 5 a.m.!) I was checked into the hospital and prepped for my 8 a.m. surgery. All was good then. MFE was attentive and nervous. We sat in the prep room talking about how we were never going to be the same. Our hopes and dreams of having a family were coming true!

I was wheeled into the OR and given an epidural. By the way, they HURT when the needle is put into your spine. Don't let anyone tell you different. And, when your lower body is completely numb, it is the weirdest feeling in the world...but I digress.

They started right at 8 a.m. Nothing if not punctual :) I was fortunate that the OR light was directly over me so I could see the surgery by reflection. They had a drape up, and would not allow a mirror to see the procedure for fear I would pass out or get sick. Little did they know that I watched surgeries on the medical channels all the time, but whatever. I could see everything in the light. I saw the doctor cut me, pull out the little legs. At this point, I didn't know what I was having, a boy or girl. I wanted a boy in the worst way. Can't explain why, except that my experience with little girls is that they were egomaniacal and fru-fru and that drove me nuts. Anyway, all I saw at first were little legs and a teeny butt. Then I made the mistake of saying "Hey! Look at the little legs! That is so cool." The doctor looked at me in surprise and then pulled the light closer to him, thereby removing my "view". I was disappointed to say the least. It was a minute or so later when they announced that it was a boy, but it felt like an hour. The next thing I knew, a chubby screaming bundle of energy was being wrapped in a blanket and handed to his dad. The joy and pride on the face of my ex was amazing. He had tears in his eyes. I did too for that matter. Who wouldn't? The miracle of creating another living creature and nurturing that being within the confines of your internals is quite mind blowing.

I won't bore you with the details of the next 72 hours that I was in the hospital. It was filled with joy, celebration, fear, dread, tears, love and more. I had a little breakdown at 2 a.m. on the second day when my darling boy was crying, wouldn't nurse, and I had NO IDEA what to do with him. I was lost in a sea of emotions. Can anyone say Post Partum? Ahem. Thankfully, a wonderful nurse was on duty that night and she was incredible with handling the sobbing quivering mass of nerves that I had become. Within a few moments, she had me calm, feeling strong, and holding my son to comfort him (turns out that he was really hungry - he had a latching problem so he wasn't nursing effectively).

We arrived home on day 4 and then it was a whirlwind of visits, diaper changing and naps. Dino slept pretty well. A little too well. I took everyone's advice and napped when he did. That was pretty often as it turns out.

Months (and now years) later, I would look back on those days and wonder how I got through it all by myself. See, the ex was not a "hands on" kinda guy and I was literally left to figure it out on my own. I was happy to do so. This was the culmination of a life's dream - I had a child and I was consumed by that.

Dino had some developmental issues. I was confused and hurt at first. He didn't nurse well, and I fought to keep the nursing going even when I had to supplement with formula. I felt like such a failure that I couldn't nurse my own child. When I finally got around to hiring a lactation consultant, I found that he had an issue latching on and tried to work with him on correcting it. Alas, it was not to be. By the time he was 8 months old, he decided that the bottle was just better than my breast. I felt good that I struggled to give him the best start possible in life, and I was contented.

Another issue was that Dino was slow to gain weight. His doctor classified him as "failure to thrive". Hello! Failure to thrive? The boy was on target for every milestone. Just because he wouldn't gain weight immediately? Well, duh, doc! Could the nursing issues having anything to do with that? Hmmmm, I wonder.

Anyway, it wasn't long before Dino was gaining weight and thriving just fine. I was fortunate that I could stay at home with him until he was almost 18 months old- working part time from home.

When Dino was 3, we moved to our new home in Delaware. My marriage wasn't the greatest at the time, but I felt confident in my abilities as a mom. Dino and I were thisclose. It was in his WONDERFUL preschool that my sisters and I discovered that Dino had some issues being on task, following directions, transitioning, and socializing. My dear nephews had been diagnosed with Aspergers and Autism, and so I started to watch Dino very closely. His preschool teacher also picked up on some things and we addressed them together. I had him evaluated and lo! and behold! my sweet boy had ADHD. Ok, so not a devastating diagnosis. However, the ex was anxious and agitated by this, so that made me feel unsure of it as well. I spent a year researching and educating myself. By the time Dino was in kindergarten, we had decided to start him on medication to help him be more successful. It was a hard decision, but it turned out to be a good one.

Now, in the first grade, Dino is doing excellent. His academics are above average (Go Dino!) and he is socializing much better. He is still timid in new situations, but I am helping him to come out of his shell by exposing him to new people and new places. Little by little he is growing.

I know this is a long post, but there are many things I want to share about my baby boy, soon to be a little man.

So, without further ado, the top 10 best things about Dino:

10. He tells me every day that he loves me.
9. He snuggles and hugs without hesitation.
8. When I am down, he offers me advice from a 6 year olds perspective - "Don't worry, Mommy. You can do it." Priceless.
7. He helps me see the joy in each day.
6. He gives me a reason to smile every day.
5. He is funny and makes me laugh.
4. He is giving and helpful, doing things for me to make my life easier.
3. His creativity and imagination are unmatched :)
2. He prays for me every night (along with everyone, including the dog).

And the number one best thing about Dino is:

He challenges me every day to be the best person I can be.

So as long as this post is, I have one more thing to add. My son is my joy, but I have found that there is more to me than just being a mom. In this journey, I am rediscovering who I am. Mother is high up on the list, that's for sure. But I am a woman, a friend, a good partner (someday), and a fun person. Just trying now to find the balance.

Today is only here once. Make your day positive!