Tuesday, October 7, 2008

#10 - TIOBP

Tough one today, folks. GeekChick is PMS-ing REALLY bad. Just got a call from MFE and he just about took the smile off my face. I say "just about". I'm getting better at not letting him bother me soooo much. Nothing important, just trying to be a pr1ck. Still looking for a whipping post, I guess. Well, not this Chick!

Here are things that are bugging me today:
- I gained weight. Thought I lost it.
- I feel fugly because of hormonal imbalance.
- Talked to a new guy last night - don't think we clicked.
- Dino has a nasty cough. Just a cough.
- My boss is the kind of "do as I say, not as I do" kinda guy.
- My bra hurts.
- The MFE is just a boob.

Here is how I make these positive:
ummm, I can't.


Ok, ok, there are some great positives that are happening today, I suppose.
- I am talking to a new guy on Match. He is local, about my age, and really FUNNY.
- I am probably retaining water due to PMS - so the weight gain is a fluke.
- I "feel" fugly, but actually look kinda cute today :)
- My boss is working from home today! Yay!
- The bra was on wrong! Dudes, seriously, I shouldn't dress in the dark. 'nough said.
- I have a new mix on my iPod.

Here is another great positive - Fall is here! Whoo-hoo!

I love fall. It is my all time favorite season. It is just chilly enough for sweaters Srsly, if you knew me in a past life, you would have envied my expansive sweater collection. At one time, I owned 66 sweaters. I.kid.you.not.

The leaves are turning lovely colors on the trees. I mentioned that my backyard backs to county park land, right? So I have a front row view of Mother Nature's spectacular color show. Awesome. Hawesome, even.

Poncho weather!!! Need I say more????

K. Have to run. Work beckons. Enjoy the fall, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

The weight gain is probably a fluke. And hooray for not letting the ex get to you. Just keep your mind made up that you don't have to take his "crap" anymore. You only have to deal with him regarding Dino. And your positive attitude is great. Keep it up. :):):) Margie