Wednesday, October 8, 2008

#11 - TIOBP

First, check this out! It's a scream....(you'll see why that is a bad pun after you check the link)....

I am really feeling bloated and icky these days. I am now on day 46. That's late, even by my standards. So what does this mean? Am I going through "the change"?

Ummmm, I'm only 40 but it is possible. And if so, that really sucks. On the positive side - no more Aunt Flo! But that would also mean no more babies. Let's face it folks, even if I meet a guy tomorrow (or by a miracle end up with Mr. HKG - it could happen) then I am off and running to beat the proverbial clock.

Anyway, I am struggling to be positive today. I knew going into this experiment that it would be harder on some days to see the silver linings. This is one of those days.

I tried to take a pic of my new "do" but I hated them all. Anyway, it's not really a new's the same old do with shorter layers.

So let's see - what's positive in Geek Chick's world today? Besides seeing Mr. HKG tonight? Tee hee! I know, I know y'all are sick of this topic. Oh well! It's my blog, and I can write what I want :) It does seem a bit pathetic that the highlight of my day is to drool over a hot young guy through a plate glass window....gosh that does sound sad. Truth is, I don't see what's so bad about being enamoured by him. What's the big deal? Is it 'cause he is young? Is it 'cause he teaches karate? Please, what is so wrong with being attracted to him? Not that it will change how I am or anything. I am really curious about what the hang up is.

My skin started to clear up. Yay! That's something.

Oh, oh, oh! Here's something - I went to see my MK director get her new car last night. I should say her FREE car from Mary Kay. It is an abfab platinum Saturn Aura. Looks like a Mercedes. It is INCREDIBLE. Saturn had this big party with pizza, cake, and drinks and there was a big unveiling of the car. It was way cool to be there. If I want a free car, all I have to do is get some people to sell with me and we have to have production of a certain amount for an entire quarter. You know what? I don't necessarily want to be with MK forever. I don't really care about the jewelry. But for a free car, I might make this work :)

Have a positive day!

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