Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#25 - And Them Some

Ok, for the record - J got 2 doubles and a homer with 3 consecutive at bats...and I lost. Yup. Not that we are competitive or anything, right? 'S ok. I plan on being the next one to bury his ass at Wii baseball. Just sayin'. I'll probably eat crow on that one, but hey, at least I don't smell like Ohio....

I woke up this morning feeling REALLY tired. Have not yet caught up on my sleep, and spending an hour or more a night on the phone getting my J fix doesn't help. I am NOT complaining! Just so y'all know. I wouldn't give up my "voice time" with J for anything in the world...unless it is face time with J, but that is whole 'nother post. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Still, as tired as I was, it really hit me how lucky I am. It's cold and rainy out, but I was somewhat warm and comfy inside. I have the means to provide a nice house for my son, have a car (that's falling apart little by little, but still), keep a dog that is sweet and annoying at the same time, and still be able to do some early Christmas shopping(By the by, J's present is ordered. I plan on torturing him until it is unwrapped).

I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my life. I have a fab family, a super son, and fantastic friends. And I have been really fortunate to have met J. Ok, this is going to get mushy - warning you now! J, if you are embarrased, please skip to the next section. Thanks.
I know I said it before, but putting this in "Mr. Baseball" terms, this relationship has come out of left field. J has added so much to my life and I have to say, I am so grateful he did not run screaming the other direction when met the first time. Normally, a guy would never meet me unless I was fully made up and had on my best skinny jeans. Not so on our first meeting, I was in my bum clothes, no make up, and my hair was all wild and curly. Not that it would have mattered. We were just friends, after all. I told him everything - even about Mr. HKwho? and the guys I was meeting online. He knew about my crazy ex (he has one too) and about the struggles I faced getting my divorce. As we compared notes we discovered that we had "parallel lives". So many things we went through in our lives were similar. I relied on him for his perspective into the insanity when it hit me, and I tried to offer the same steady viewpoint when his life was nutty.
I can't pinpoint why it changed when it did. All I know is, I knew the moment it happened. I felt it. It was a real, tangible shift in my perspective. Like a moment when you are coming out of a dark tunnel.
J makes me feel special. He helps me get back up when I am down. He allows me to be me, and doesn't make me feel inferior (aside from losing at baseball, but I digress...). I am so lucky to have met him and that he decided to take a risk and supercede our friendship to ask me out on a date. It's still very new for us. We are taking it slow. But with the friendship as our groundwork, I feel closer to him than I have ever felt to any man in my life before. Ok,now I probably scared him off :) But I have to be honest. Actually, he knows all this. I am just trying to put into words how amazing it is that this clicked at all. It's true, when you least expect it, you get it.
Ok, enough of that. I am feeling really warm and fuzzy today. I think I'll go hug a tree - when it stops raining, that is....

So here is a totally random thought that I just felt like sharing:

I love technology. It allows me to communicate with people around the world almost instantly. It gives us knowledge (and b.s., let's be fair) at our finger tips. It entertains. It gives us news. It provides a soapbox for any cause that one wishes to hype. The information super highway has become the preferred way for many of us to stay in touch. Oh, but it's not just about the internets. Oh no! There is also the beloved cell phone. Texting, chatting, email, not to mention the actual ability to CALL someone IRT (all about acronyms these days - IRT - In Real Time). It's all so amazing.

And here is what I use technology for mainly:
1. Updating my status on Facebook
2. Reading my friends' statuses on Facebook
3. Chatting with J whenever I can online
4. Yahoo Messenger
5. MS Office Messenger (required at work, suckers that they are!)
6. Reading Blogs
7. Writing my blog
8. Texting
9. Downloading ring tones (it's an addiction really....)
10. Paying my bills - all of them!
11. Blackberry email
12. Keeping up with company stock (ummmm, let's not go there....)
13. Weather updates
14. Sharing photos
15. Ordering stuff (eBay Addicts Anonymous, proud member)
16. Googling - it's a word, look it up
17. Homework with Dino
18. Playing games (thanks for the Lingo addiction, DG)
19. Until recently, dating :)
20. Work - when it fits into my otherwise full schedule

Hug your computer today. It does a lot for you :)


Domestic Goddess said...

The heck with Lingo. Try word up. I can't stop....or mah jongg...it's even worse.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am so happy to see you happy!

Life is good.