Thursday, October 30, 2008

#27 - Champions!

I am not a huge baseball fan, as J can attest to :) In fact, except for the Eagles, and sometimes the Flyers, I don't really follow sports. But when a Philly team does something extraordinary, I can't help but get caught up in it. When the Philadelphia Phillies got to the playoffs, I started to pay attention to them. I didn't watch (mainly because I am the kiss of death - whatever game I watch, my team loses! Srsly!) but followed it online. This team personified Positive Thinking this season. I did get caught up a bit in the hype as well. But this was an exciting time for the home team. I won't consider myself a Phillies Phan, 'cause the people that stuck with them through thick and thin deserve the honor of that title, but I am a supporter (and no, not an athletic supporter, so don't go there). I want to see our guys do well, no matter what sport is being played. So, when game 5 was picked up last night, I decided "what the hell" and watched. I didn't expect to be riveted to the TV the way I was. I couldn't move. I was in awe. And on pins and needles. But when that moment came when Lidge threw the final out, I almost jumped out of my PJs! It was thrilling to watch and I was pumped. I even watched the crazy Phans on the street celebrating after. Tens of thousands of people jumping and dancing in the streets. Amazing.

So here now, Philadelphia finally (or Phinally as the tee shirts say) has another Championship under their belts. Phans and casual obervers alike will rejoice as the team parades down the streets of Philly. The city can once again hold up a sign saying that they are winners. Way to go, Phils. You ROCK!


Jeff said...

They did have a phantastic year (being a Tigers phan and with the Phillies in "the other league", I'm allowed to "date" the Phillies, as my co-worker Neil (ne un phan de Red Sox) says), and I didn't doubt them much through the season or the playophphs, but when it came to the World Series, I was telling anyone within the sound of my voice that they didn't stand a chance against whatever the American League had to ophpher, that the ALCS was the REAL World Series... What can I say, they proved me wrong. Loved the text message I got phrom my work buddy, Maryanne: "Wow wow wow I knew. Pat hit that." She's a HUGE Pat Burrell phan. You have no idea.

Oh, and I have to add this: I was truly phlummoxed in the ophph-season when the Phils signed Pedro Pheliz to play 3rd base... I told everyone (who was willing to listen, that is) that he is the absolutely worst hitter with a phull-time major league job. Every time I said this while watching a game, he would do something good. So, last night, I'm getting hooked up 88 ways from Sunday phor my sleep study, and who comes up with a man on third and one out? Pedro Pheliz. So I made sure to tell the nurse: "Good God, why aren't they pinch-hitting phor him right here? He's the worst hitter with a regular job in the major leagues." It worked, and Pheliz drove in the phinal run of the game with a nice liner back through the middle.

Liked this post (obviously), but I suggest in the phuture that you write more carephully to maximize the opportunities phor incorrect "ph"-ing.

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh Good Lord. The PH thing is making me gag. He's got that baseball phever thing bad.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Gag indeed. It annoys me as much as the stoopid rally towels. As a Yankees Fan forced to lived amongst the Red Sox losers for ten years (including 2003 and 2007), whose family has season tickets to the Phillies and froze her tuckus off at Penn last night: I am really happy for the city and the fans. You have reversed the curse and will finally give Boston something to cry about for many years to come as, this is the first of many in the 2000s.

Now, get on with it because the object of AG's affection is a Mets fan. (Personally he should be a LA Dodgers fan as a Brooklyn boy, but whatevs.) So, next year: Mets or Phils or Dodgers. Whatevs. As long as it isn't the Red Sux!

Oh, and thank you San Diego for beating the Patriots.

AG is so over Boston sports and the losers it attracts.

And J., this is a girl's blog. You know, talks of nails, hair, boys who don't go downtown right, cosmos, and bikini waxes. We heart you here, I mean HEART, but mainly what we just read from your cute testosteron-ey fingers is "Blah, blah, Phblah, Phillies, phlaaaah.":) :) :)

Do you know any single Jewish laywers, BTW? If you do, we could work out a compromise here on sports commenting...

Jeff said...

Just wait until I start pontiphicating about how on-base percentage is so much more important than batting average (don't ask Geek Chick, her eyes glazed over when I was explaining it)...

Jewish lawyers, yes. I'd have to work on the single part. What age range are we talking? I'll see what I can do.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

OMG. I am so getting a heart-on for Jeff. And he didn't even correct my 2003 to 2004! Gah.

I am looking for Jewish lawyers that are between 30-45. I would prefer more 35-43.

I am just the Jewish girl his mother is seeking! You can quote that. And I have an Ivy degree, no baggage that I am aware of, a desire for Jewish children, I am not a stereotypical Yenta, and my family is NOT involved in my business. (Feel free to share that too.)

I would like to however know your p value of importance with regards to on base averages. AG's eyes will only glaze over if you start talking about fishing, my annoying exes, or mechanical engineering.

I am not sure I agree with the on base theory, but let me pontificate for a while on that one. My astute mind should be able to decipher why. Though, it is most true on prima facie in the NL, but not sure about the AL I would suspect. (Did I get that right in terms of designated hitters, versus real men?)

And why are there no girls on MLB teams? Huh? Huh!

Who knows, you might work with a certain J lawyer in Wilmington that I am hot for. He's 32 and graduated from Syracuse law. (A lesser school, ahem, that I am willing to let him hold his hot body against me over.)

Jeff said...

OK, p value is a little over my head (I have a vague remembrance from a statistics class many, many moons ago, but it seems to have escaped me), but here's the short version of why OBP is FAR superior to BA:

The most important event in a baseball game is an out. Why? You only get them in groups of three, and when you get that third one, it's all over until you record three of them on those other guys. And BA is predicated on the false premise that walks are all the pitcher's fault, so they are left out of the BA equation. I don't care about what happens only when you "bat" a ball, I care about how often you don't make an out. Because that is job #1 for any batter, just DON'T MAKE AN OUT. A quick example (and I'll go Yankees here just to help you out): Xavier Nady (just in his time with the Yankees) had a batting average of .268, but didn't walk very much at all (about once every 18 times up). Jason Giambi had a batting average of .247, but walked A LOT (about once every 7 times up). Giambi's OBP was .373, Nady's .320. So Giambi did quite a bit better job of NOT MAKING OUTS. Far more important than silly old batting average.

Oh, and 2002-2005 was all a blur to me. The Tigers were spending those 4 years losing something like 420 games. No kidding. So 2003, 2004, it all runs together.

AL vs. NL - I'm not sure where you were going with that one, other than to denigrate the greatest invention in the game in the last half-century, the designated hitter. If you like to watch pitchers bat, I'd bet that the Grass Growing Channel and Paint Drying Channel are also in heavy rotation on your TV.

No girls on MLB teams? I'd bet some day we'll see it. I'd also bet she will be a left-handed relief pitcher. "Lefty with a pulse," as us seamheads like to say.

OK, on to more important things... I am a Midwestern boy, so I know my way around a worm and a hook, but I haven't been fishing in YEARS. Decades, even. I'll gladly leave your annoying exes off the table (I only have one ex myself, but she's annoying enough that she should count for several - ask Geek Chick if you're really curious). And I once worked with mechanical engineers, but know nothing about it.

I work with lawyers in Philly, so I don't know your Wilmington dreamboat.

And my office is so loaded with Jews, I get Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur off from work. Certainly there is someone there who can meet your criteria. Or someone's brother, adult son, something like that.

Oh, yeah, and Geek Chick will tell you, I can write War and Peace every hour on the hour, so I'll quit for now. I've probably overstayed my welcome already.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

The on base theory makes some sense to me. I still need to think a bit more about this because it is all about statistics. Since that is what I do for a living, I try not to think about them in my down time.

I hope a girl makes it to the MLB soon. It matters as much to me as Hillary running for office again.

And Jewish lawyers in PHL?!! Even better. GCwS can attest to my being lovely and the girl of his dreams. A perfect shiksa with blond hair and blue eyes! There must be a nice Jew boy in the office seeking adorable Jew girl to blog with and going running on Grace Kelly Drive with...

Help a girl out in need. You know you want to!

You are lucky to only have one ex. Though never married, I have many ex boyfriends. Only one that, well nevermind. He has been erased from my memory. There is no reason to be reminded of emotionally immature men who have nothing to offer the world.

We could discuss string theory. Torteya has discussed with me on blogs. He's wicked smart though and he likes to get educationally slutty with me from time to time.

CryssyeR said...

I attest - AG is lovely, sweet, and way smart and is perfect for any Jew Boy. Not to mention the awesomeness that is her blogging...
once she starts it up again, that is...

Jeff said...

Well, GCwS has gently pointed out that there is another who probably qualifies as a second ex, but she's so insignificant compared to the other, she hardly counts.

Another point in favor of OBP vs. BA: look at the league leaders in walks in any given year. I guarantee you these will be some of the best power hitters in the league. Why? Pitchers don't WANT to throw them a strike, because strikes tend to travel 500 feet or so in the opposite direction when those guys swing. So taking walks is the residue of a skill (hitting for power), and why on God's green earth would you want to overlook that?

FWIW, there is a chick named Kim Ng (Asian-American) who may well become the first female in any position of power (other than team owner) in the bigs... She's been an assistant General Manager for a number of years, and she keeps coming up when teams have openings for the GM (the person who decides who to draft, who to sign as free agents, makes trades, that kind of stuff... roster decisions). So there already is an appreciation out there for a mega-smart chick who knows her baseball, even if they haven't allowed one to play just quite yet.

String theory.. I'll have to start with Wikipedia.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Ok, AG has to lay it down. We are NOT chicks. We are not barnyard animals. We can call ourselves "girls", but you cannot. We are women. That's what we are over the the age of 13. Try it with the AG: WO-MEN.

I know you can. :) :)

Sting theory is very complicated stuff. I would like to know more about it, but since I am engaged in patriarchy and politics in terms of how they relate to things like elective surgical abortion and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, it will have to wait. A girl can only work on one PhD at a time!

Though, I'd like a nice Jewish boy to work on my legal marriage status. Aaah. I kill me!

Are you working on meeting me a legal hottie yet? AG is on the Crackberry on the way to PHL. I could be in his arms by lunch time!

Did I mention a PhD at Penn? Or a stint at Amherst College and Columbia Medical School?!!! A six figure salary... Did I? I am sure I did or could! I did mention that I am fertile and able to have our beautiful blue eyed shiksa kids... I am not looking for someone to take care of me, just be my equal as I lay my head on his shoulder and walk arm and arm. (Please be taller than 5'9")! I did, didn't I?!!!

Jeff said...

Eegads, I've obviously got to work harder on this (or at least faster).

I thought "chick" was OK on account of it being in the title of this blog, and one of the letters in the acronym GCwS. My bad.

Ask GCwS, I have a song titled "Mandelbrot Set." I have no idea what the hell an actual Mandelbrot Set is, but I have an appreciation for lines such as "Mandelbrot Set / You’re a Rorschach Test on fire / You’re a day-glo pterodactyl / You’re a heart-shaped box of springs and wire / You’re one badass fucking fractal / And you’re just in time to save the day / Sweeping all our fears away / You can change the world in a tiny way"

Or a verse such as: "Mandelbrot’s in heaven, at least he will be when he’s dead / Right now he’s still alive and teaching math at Yale / He gave us order out of chaos, he gave us hope where there was none / And his geometry succeeds where others fail / If you ever lose your way, a butterfly will flap its wings / From a million miles away, a little miracle will come to take you home"

Ask GCwS, I have a song for EVERYTHING. Not one for string theory quite yet, but I'm sure it's not far away.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

GCwS will back me up on this -- totally OK for us girls to call each other that, but not for a man to do so.

I said that to my hottie Jew Boy the other night when he started. My evidence: would he call his buddy a nigger? Perhaps Jew Boy, but not a nigger. He shut it!!!

I still have a heart-on for you! Now get back to finding me boys. Though, I am surrounded by 800 right now!!!