Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to Business - #24

This weekend was hectic and crazy, but fun all the same. It was a stunning combination of craziness lack of sleep. Bugaboo gave us a run for our money, but I MUST point out that he did not:
a. run away
b. get over the fence
c. open any doors on his own
d. stim on coffee grounds
e. eat anything that was not give to him on purpose

I am proud of that fact. What I am not proud of is how it took two grown women (and the sometimes help of one surly teenager, but I digress)to watch over him. Really now. Two??? Yes, you read that right. Two. Duo. Dos. Due. In any language....

I have a new respect, awe, and admiration for DG. I have always looked up to her a certain extent, but now the pedastal is WAY up there. How she does that day in and day out is totally beyond me. She must be an alien or have DNA distorted by the gamma rays of her hair dryer to be able to keep up with that little tiny child. And, y'all, he is super fast. At the park, I let him run since it was fenced, and I heard one of the teenagers playing basket ball say, "that little dude is FAST, man!". I laughed. He has no idea!

It was an exhausting but rewarding weekend, and I just hope that in some small way, I was able to give back to DG a bit....

Last night, J brought his kids over for dinner. We were a bit nervous, I think. Would his two get along with Dino? Would they like me? Would I be able to keep my hands off him while he was there?

The answers are YES, yes, and no. More detail to follow. I have to get to a meeting:)

Later y'all!

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Jeff said...

Yeah, me, neither.