Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bonus Post

Ok, y'all. I got guy issues. Let's review:

I am hung up on Mr. HKG, and I flirted shamelessly with him tonight. Oh my....and I wasn't even wearing my sexy new heels. And he looked sooooo good up close. I had emailed my friend J earlier today about my affinity for all things HKG just to get a guy's perspective. He teased me about robbing the cradle.

Ok, then, my friend J texted me about my HKG thing and wanted to know what was up with looking for a younger guy? Didn't I like guys my age? Then I tried to explain that I wasn't originally looking for a younger guy (and until Mr. HKG flirted with me, I wouldn't have dreamed of thinking he would be interested). I also explained that for some reason, guys my age didn't seem to be interested. J then texted and let me know HE was interested and wanted to know if I wanted a real date? I said yes, because we do get along really well. But I am not sure about this.... I did talk to him tonight and agreed that we would go out. We would go to dinner and a movie. However, we would not put any pressures on it and if either one of us isn't feeling it, then we will say so. I wanted to be sure we preserve our friendship because he is such a great guy, but his life is sooooo messed up right now.

Then there is the English Professor (actually teaches high school, but that's ok. He'll always be the professor to me). He is interesting, funny, and really nice. But he has a really busy schedule and doesn't look like he even has time to date.

A new guy started to email me this week. He is from match. He is also local - just around the corner from me. I am really excited by it. He is FUNNY and SMART and just about has the best personality. I really want to meet him. But now I have this J thing going on. And I have never, ever dated more guy than one at a time. What a weird predicament to be in!

Finally, at karate tonight, one of the mom's came up to me after my flirting with Mr. HKG. She mentioned that she noticed one of the kid's dads was interested in me. I like this guy, he is really nice. But I hadn't noticed that at all. She said that she was just offering an outsider's perspective. That was weird. And, I don't see it. I don't. I do know he talks to me a lot and more often than the other moms. Does that mean he is interested in me? I don't know...

What I want to know is what do I do with all of this? What is the best course action? I like all of these guys in one way or another....

I am NOT a beauty queen so why all the guys? I am so not used to this attention. Growing up, I was lucky to have one guy talk to me as a real person, let alone as a girl. Now, I am getting all of this. It's strange but it is not unwelcome :)


Domestic Goddess said...

Dang, who knew you'd have all these guys falling at your feet? How does THAT feel? WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just go with the flow and I ain't talking about Auntie. You don't have to commit to an "exclusive" relationship unless you want to. And if you don't commit, you don't have to feel guilty. So there you are. Just enjoy it. Oh, I received my MK. Thanks. I have a little advice though but will email it to you. K? Margie