Friday, October 17, 2008

Post #19 - TIOBP

Hello blog world,

After a really good night of sleep, I felt much better today. In fact, I felt really good. I went to work and had a pretty alright day. And, J figured out what to do about the friend that was hung up on him and worked it out.

So, all I needed was a good long sleep, it seems.

This weekend has lots of promise :) Don't know if I will be posting much, since I will be quite busy. Tonight is a karate event, where I get to enjoy some eye candy. Then there will be an oil change tomorrow, pedicure and nails, and time with J. I think you understand why I may not post much, huh? LOL

I leave you with a special weekend version of staying positive - Get your sleep, take your vitamins, and laugh at something every day. The rewards are worth it!

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