Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post #4 - TIOBP

How's that for an acronym? LOL

Ok, day 4. A little late in the day to be posting. Ready for what's positive about today? Here's the skinny:

* Worked from home - little to no stress! And the commute was awesome.

* Lost 4 pounds this week!!! Wooooooo-hooooooo!

* Look darn good in my fall colors.

* The weather is cool and GORGEOUS. Just how I like it.

* Verizon found the FIOS router that MFE returned and I am getting a refund!

* Mr. Hot Karate Guy soon to be replaced with shy hunky guy from my dating site. He is going to call me :)

* My doggie needs a surgery and xrays costing over $1,000! Wait, that's not positive. The fact that I can get pet insurance through my work is, though.

* My 6 pairs of shoes arrived this week. Yes, SIX. I love me some internet bargains. I will post their pictures soon as I am incredibly proud of my thrift savy. They are GOOD shoes and under $30 each for the most part. I had to make the investment because of my MK business, but also because I needed to rebuild my shoe wardrobe after my divorce. They are just plain yummy.

Make today the best of your life. It is only here once.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh, I am going to need the 411 on Mr. Hunk!