Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post 7 & 8 - TIOBP

I missed yesterday - so sorry! I was busy ignoring my housework yesterday :) I got up early, went to the bank, got the car washed, took the dog to PetSmart and then came home to do housework... which I promptly pushed aside in favor of so many other things. I did some laundry but that was about it. I ended up going to Goodwill after lunch since they were having a 1/2 price sale. I came away with a bag full of clothes for $15. Not bad, eh?

So, yesterday's positive thing - I got my nails and a pedicure done! Whoo-hoo. Talk about relaxing. They have a great full body massage chair that I used while waiting for my pedicure. I was in heaven. I took my time, enjoyed the process, and really just felt all the stress melting away. I picked an awesome fall color - metalic rust :) After, I picked up chinese food and came home to eat it while watching Evita on tv. Suddenly, I realized that I hadn't gotten the present for the birthday party that Dino was attending today. I quick ran to Tar-jay and picked up a gift and did a little food shopping. Who knew? I saved quite a bit of money by not going to my local store for the little stuff. Like the coffee. $3 less, y'all! Whoo-hoo!

Today's positive thing - my goodness! My brother is coming with his girlfriend. He is going to fix my gables in my attic. Dino has a birthday party to attend at the karate studio, so I can see Mr. HKG :) I am no longer ashamed of my attraction to him. It is what it is. Just an attraction on a very base level. My "obsession" for him was more about me. I have always viewed a certain type of guy as "out of my league". Mr. HKG fell into that category. Good looking, popular, and noble. Up until recently, that was a bit too good for me. Now, no one is out of my league! Hey, it takes all kinds for the world to turn. I'll find the right one, but only if I allow myself to be out there. I can't hide my true self forever. She is screaming to come out - whacky, fun, a bit of a big kid, and smart (and damn proud of it). After all, as the saying goes, "God don't make junk."

So, today's positive thought - I am worthy. So are you, by the way. Just sayin'.


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Uh oh, looks like Sis doesn't care for HKG. But yes, you are worthy. No one is better than anyone else. And everyone is unique, just like everyone else. Is that an oxymoron? Ha, I slay myself. LOL Margie

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And you went to mass when????