Monday, October 6, 2008

Post #9 - TIOBP

So, controversy over Mr. HKG, huh? Well, no worries! I'm not sure if what I intended was really coming across.

The thing is this: Forget Mr. HKG. I have been intimidated by most men for all of my life. I always believed they were somehow better than me - or that they would not find me the least bit attractive or entertaining. Take Mr. HKG out of the equation here. I am so done with thinking that way! One of my friends at work reminded me that I am better than I am allowing myself to be. He reminded me that any guy would be lucky to find someone such as myself. This was a great ego boost to be sure. More importantly, it reminded me that this journey I am on needs to reach the very depths of my soul. That means I own up. I put on my big girl panties and admit that I had an issue here or there and I am working on correcting that. My point was that I am getting ready to meet the right one - no matter who he is. And, I deem myself worthy when he arrives.

Mr. HKG is just eye candy, y'all. Got it?

Ok, so on to today's positive post - it's all about the hair. I have had a love affair with my hair for many years. Even at my lowest, I was happy to have red hair that is naturally curly. The problem is that the perfect style has alluded me for just as many years. Lately, I am starting to realize that the best style for me is one that is not fussed with. So, tonight, I got my usual trim. And bangs. And I really just like it like that :)

'Sides, it's cute. So I'll never be a supermodel. I'll be me. And I'm really happy with that! (those who know me well, know that this is a monumental leap in my self esteem.)

Be happy with you.

To DG: No, sorry, can't forget about HKG. I do have to see him 3 times a week. However, I am not going to think ONLY of him :) Mr. English Professor is still in the picture.
To Fr. Anonymous: So I need to report going to mass each week? Sorry. Just thought that was already assumed.
To Margie: Right on, girlfriend! Let's hear if for uniqueness :)

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Anonymous said...

Show us a picture of your new "do". I saw one of your family over at DG's and I thought you looked pretty. Have a great day! Oh, how is the MK going? Margie